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Celebrating a Lasting Legacy with Eden Reforestation Projects

Since 2015, TreeSisters has been on a journey with our valued partners at Eden Reforestation

Projects (Eden). Starting with the restoration of native forests in Madagascar through a

village-wide tree-planting initiative, this project marked the inception of a collaboration that has spanned the years since.

Over this time, we have partnered with Eden to plant millions of trees across diverse regions

such as Nepal, Madagascar, West Papua and Mozambique. Projects that have emphasised the critical importance of restoring the incredibly biodiverse mangrove forests along their coastlines, as well as replenishing trees and ecosystems in inland native forests

These projects not only helped restore environmental landscapes but also worked closely with local communities to provide an income source to families living in poverty and foster knowledge-sharing while supporting them in restoring the lands they rely on for their livelihoods.

Now, as each organisation has evolved, Eden has expanded its operations and advanced into large-scale, community-driven Landscape Restoration. Meanwhile, we have shifted towards working directly with local community groups, with a special focus on initiatives led by women and those rooted in biocultural and nature-centric approaches. As such, our partnership has drawn to a natural conclusion.

We are deeply grateful for our shared path with Eden over the past eight years. Together, we've planted a huge number of trees, safeguarding biodiversity hotspots and enhancing communities' resilience against climatic challenges, such as storm surges, through the protective barrier of mangrove forests.

We celebrate and appreciate this incredible relationship and mutual evolution, recognising that the experiences and lessons we have learned have contributed to both organisations’ new directions. This partnership has been a cornerstone of our journey to date, and we eagerly anticipate Eden's new chapter while remaining wholeheartedly committed to our new Restoration Strategy.

If you would like to learn more about the fantastic projects that we have partnered with Eden

over the past eight years, please take a look at the following pages:


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