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Invest your gift where it is needed most.


Your support is the very heartbeat of our work, empowering us to create meaningful change to lives and landscapes across the world.

We understand the importance of aligning your investment with your passions and interests. That's why we've carefully crafted three distinct funds, each dedicated to vital areas of our work that urgently require funding. By choosing where to direct your support, you're not just giving; you're actively shaping the impact of our initiatives and projects.

Once you’ve chosen your fund*, you’ll receive quarterly impact reports with updates and stories from the very forests, communities and individuals your generosity has touched.

*90% of your donations go directly towards supporting our projects and programme delivery. The remaining 10% will support our essential administrative functions.

Image by Rabhimbh Bardhan

Forest Restoration

Investing in community-based forest restoration and protection is critical in our fight against deforestation, climate change, and loss of habitat and biodiversity.


It's not just about preserving trees; it's about safeguarding food security, enhancing resilience, and responding effectively to crises like forest fires and flooding.

By contributing to our forest restoration fund, your donations will directly support our community projects, ensuring the protection and planting of trees through our biocultural approach. Your generosity will help us make a tangible impact on the ground.

Explore some of our ongoing projects below to see the vital work your donation will support. Together, we can make a real difference in safeguarding our forests and the communities that depend on them.

Women and child with seedling in Madagascar_edited_edited.jpg

Gender Equity

We believe in the power of women to create positive change, nurture our planet, and build a more sustainable future for all. Evidence consistently shows that when women are empowered and actively involved in forestry decision-making, both forests and communities thrive.


Despite this, limited access to land and cultural barriers often hinder women's participation in forestry activities. We recognise that the degradation of our environment and the unequal treatment of women stem from the same systemic power imbalances, and restoring our planet and supporting gender equity are intrinsically linked.

Your investment will enable us to tackle this imbalance head-on.


Together, we can support projects that empower women, promote gender equity, and contribute to preserving and restoring our precious forests. Take a look at some of our ongoing projects below to see the impactful work your contribution will support.

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Nature Connection

Protecting and restoring our natural world is only one aspect of our mission. We seek to inspire a global movement towards (re)connecting with Nature, shifting from a consumer to a restorer mindset.

Cultures that respect plants and animals and view the natural world as a teacher offer perspectives beyond conventional Western education. This deep connection to the Earth is inherent in all of us and vital for personal well-being, community building, and fostering a sense of environmental responsibility.

Investing in our Nature Connection Fund enables us to expand our programmes and initiatives, raising awareness, appreciation, and a deeper bond with the ecosystems we are part of. Explore some of our ongoing projects below to see the tangible impact your contribution can make.


Your donation contributes to supporting impactful projects worldwide. Below, you'll find some of the remarkable work being done in collaboration with our partners.
Forest Restoration


Created and led by the indigenous Ashaninka people, this project to plant a forest garden of native fruit trees over ten years has environmental action and social impact at its core.

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