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When you support TreeSisters, you support ethical, community-led reforestation and restoration. 

Every donation supports our entire portfolio of planting projects reestablishing diverse forest ecosystems, protecting multiple critically endangered species, empowering communities and mitigating climate change.


Tropical forests are 'the lungs' of our world and the beating heart of the hydrological cycle. They improve air quality, store carbon, stabilise weather and soil, create and cleanse rain, provide habitat, create clouds and are the most biodiverse regions on Earth. Yet we are losing them at a staggering rate. 

Our approach is one of ethical and nature-led reforestation. Rather than impact focused solely on the number of trees in the ground or seeking to solve climate change issues via the very structures and institutions that created them, we strive to ensure projects are sustainable, improve socioeconomic outcomes and have women, community and nature at their core. We are on a path of continuous learning and consistently seek to be biocentric and anti-colonial in our approach. Our ethics and values ensure robust monitoring and evaluation system to ensure that your choice to support TreeSisters is the right one and that your donation, large or small, makes a real and tangible difference all over the world.


Our approach is one of a holistic project portfolio. This means that when you donate to us, you contribute to a carefully and well-vetted series of projects supporting planting across multiple locations. While all of our projects take direct climate action, restore habitats and protect biodiversity, each project is unique, with goals and impacts specific to that area. Crucially, TreeSisters selects and monitors projects focusing on nature-led solutions, women's empowerment, and working ethically and respectfully with local and indigenous communities that live on or near our planting sites.
You can learn more about each of our projects below.



TreeSisters is dedicated to protecting and restoring our natural world before it's too late. Through the work of our planting partners, we have collaborated with local communities to create a greener planet and restore the environment. Our past successes have seen millions of trees planted, all taking climate action and bringing communities life, health, and prosperity. Read more about our completed and closed projects below.


TreeSisters is a charity dedicated to inspiring a different relationship with our natural world and restoring global forests in the tropics.

We need help to do this and work with incredible planting partners to manage the projects we support. You can read more about our restoration partners and how you can help them, and us make a difference!

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