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  • What do TreeSisters do?
    TreeSisters is a UK-registered social change and reforestation charity which has so far funded the ethical planting of over 27 million trees across 12 locations. We advocate for nature and work to tackle the root cause of climate change by educating and inspiring everyone on the importance of reconnecting and living in alignment with our natural environment.
  • How do I show my support for TreeSisters?
    All the work we do is made possible by the generosity of our donors. The most impactful way to support this work is by donating or fundraising. We appreciate times are hard and that not everyone may be in a position to donate or raise funds for our work. Talking to people about our mission and spreading the word can also make a big difference! We currently run several social network sites; you can find us across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. Feel free to join and get social!
  • Why is a connection to nature important?
    Studies have found that people with a high level of connection to nature are more likely to act in environmentally friendly ways. We believe connecting with and caring for nature is the first step needed to spark the changes needed in society to mitigate climate change. Reconnecting with nature could include getting involved in a planting project, going for a walk or just sitting outdoors and appreciating nature in all its beauty.
  • Is TreeSisters just for women?
    TreeSisters is for everyone. TreeSisters has a particular focus on women as research shows that women face disproportionate impacts from climate change due to underlying socioeconomic, political, and legal barriers. TreeSisters want to empower more women into leadership positions, particularly concerning the environment, and only work with planting partners with a workforce that includes and values women. Supporting and empowering women is vital in the fight against climate change. TreeSisters also work to support everyone, regardless of gender, to reconnect with nature. Connecting with nature is essential for us all to make the behavioural and social shift needed to reverse the devastating impacts of climate change and the overconsumption of our planet's precious materials.
  • Who is planting the trees?
    Depending on the project and location, TreeSisters provides funding and support to NGOs or directly to local community organisations. Either way, we aim to empower local communities, ensuring they have control and autonomy to restore their own lands.
  • When are the trees planted?
    Saplings require water for strong root growth; therefore, it depends on the right time to plant in each country. Here's some insight into the seasonal differences around the world. For example, in Brazil, there are two wet phases for planting that occur between April-June or November and December. While in Kenya the two phases are October to December and March through June. These are when the saplings are handed out, and planting happens. In Madagascar, the rainy season is long - from November to April, and the planting of mangrove propagules happens throughout this time.
  • Where does my donation go?
    TreeSisters supports more community-led projects with tree planting, restoration, and women's empowerment embedded in the project design. We also provide education and increase awareness around the rights of nature, integrating nature into business and other important topics. Our impact reports and annual statements will report how your donations have been spent and what has been achieved. We will continue to be open and transparent in all that we do so you can be confident your contributions make the most impact across all of our work.
  • Who do I contact if I have an issue with my donation?
    We are sorry to hear that you have experienced an issue with your donation. Please email our network support team at, and they will be able to help you.
  • Which currencies do you accept donations in?
    Currently we accept donations in British pounds (GBP), US dollars (USD) and Euros. If you are based in a region with a different currency, you will still be able to donate in one of the three listed currencies above. Provided your card provider allows payments in other currencies. We may look to expand this list in future depending on demand and available resources, please let us know at
  • What options are there for making my donation or monthly gift?
    Thank you for your support! You can donate through our website using the following payment methods: Debit or Credit Card PayPal Google Pay Apple Pay Direct Debit for regular donations (available in the UK and most countries in the Eurozone) Direct debits will be collected on either the 14th or 28th of each month. You can also donate by cheque or bank transfer, please get in touch with us if you choose this method for further details. If you are in the US and would like a tax receipt, please give through our fiscal partner, Chapel & York, in the US.
  • How will I know what donations I have made?
    You will receive a confirmation email for all donations you make, which you can use to keep a record of your donations.
  • I am a monthly donor, how do I update my card details or amend/cancel my donation?
    If you need to update your card information, please write to and we will be happy to help you! If you wish to update your monthly donation, such as by increasing or decreasing the amount you give, or you want to cancel or pause your donation, please write to and let us know what changes you would like made, and we will make those for you. If you donate by Direct Debit, you can amend or cancel your monthly donation through your bank or payment provider.
  • I used to have a tree counter/online account/ TreeSisters fundraising page, where has it gone?
    From the 1st of November, 2022, we removed certain features, such as individual tree counters, online accounts and fundraising pages created through our website. We gave as much notice as possible and communicated these changes regularly through our newsletter and website. TreeSisters have always aimed to work at the most ethical level possible for all beings. These changes allow us to stand in more integrity alongside our strategic objectives, values, mission and vision. They align with our Green Cover strategy and Ethical Tree Growing Framework, our position on carbon and our move away from the monetisation of nature. This new approach aims to provide a better service to our supporters, beneficiaries and stakeholders, with more straightforward processes, fewer technical issues, and more tools and information to support you. They will provide a fuller understanding of the breadth of our work as we measure and report impacts in a more encompassing and accurate way.
  • What type of Business Partner am I?
    There are currently four types of business categories within TreeSisters. Business partnerships, Commercial Participators, Businesses that wish to fundraise in aid of TreeSisters and businesses that wish to donate through one-offs/recurring donations or volunteer to raise funds for TreeSisters without our instruction. Business partnerships are companies that have chosen to support a charity over and above the course of their everyday business, with a long-term (3-5 years) financial commitment above £25K. Commercial participators are any business that sells products or services and wants to donate a % or fixed amount to TreeSisters and promotes us as a beneficiary through linking sales of a product or service to donations. This is also known as 'sales fundraising'. An example of this looks like if you currently donate a tree per product or service you offer, such as hosting an event and adding a donation of trees to the tickets, allocating a % of the profits of a book. If you fall into this category, we now require you to set up an account with Work For Good. Don't worry this will only assist you and us in your support of TreeSisters. We go into a bit more detail about this below. Fundraising in aid of businesses. This is an organisation that has chosen to fundraise in aid of TreeSisters. This activity can be anything from holding a charity day to a bake sale, fun run, or challenging the employees in the organisation to clock up the walking miles; there are many ways you can fundraise for TreeSisters and take direct action to protect and reforest our world and commit to social change. The great thing about contributing in this way is all you have to do is set up a fundraiser on our new JustGiving platform. Here are some useful these resources to help you: How to create a fundraising page How to set up a page in memory of someone JustGiving’s Fundraising Hub In addition, see our fundraising pack (LINK?) and “in aid of” logo, which will provide you with tips, ideas and how-to's to fully support your fundraising efforts. Business donors are any organisation that wishes to donate through one-offs/recurring donations or volunteer to raise funds for TreeSisters without instruction from our side.
  • I'm a Commercial Participator. Who is Work for Good, and why have you partnered with them?
    Work for Good supports charities with the necessary legal agreements and helps businesses make fundraising a smooth and easy process. You can sign up to our TreeSisters Work for Good platform or learn more about how their Commercial Participator Agreement works here. You will still be connected to TreeSisters; you just need to announce that the legal agreement is through Work for Good on your website. As a small team trying to do the most good, this streamlining means so much for us in terms of time saved, time that we can instead dedicate to fulfilling our vision and mission. We are hugely appreciative of your support!
  • Can you explain more about Work for Good's fees?
    Like every tool, platform and software TreeSisters use to collect money, Work for Good charge a small fee. They do this to operate effectively and provide a service to our donors and us that without them, TreeSisters would have to put considerable time and resource into. It is free for charities and businesses to sign up, and there are no annual membership costs. They deduct 5% (excl VAT) when a donation is paid. There are no processing charges for donations paid by Bacs bank transfer. If a business pays a donation by credit/debit card, the donation will be subject to a charge by our payment processing provider of 1.4% + 20p. The fee (plus VAT) and any payment processing charges will be automatically deducted from the monthly payment Work for Good makes to TreeSisters. Work for Good help both parties remain legally compliant at minimum expense and allow our small team extra capacity to focus on the organisation's vision and mission. Win/win.
  • What support will TreeSisters offer me as a Business Partner?
    Businesses Partnerships ( or those currently recognised as Catalyst partners) donating over £25k will receive the below: : Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with TreeSisters Partners Media Toolkit TreeSisters Business Partner Logo Winter and Summer Impact Reports Our monthly upgraded newsletter rich with content Bi-annual bespoke reporting, which includes tailored key facts Two yearly calls with a dedicated Relationship Manager to discuss the partnership and the impacts your contributions are making Partners Media Toolkit A Fundraising Pack to support you in your fundraising activities Press release support to celebrate our partnership Commercial Participator Businesses donating a percentage of their sales from their products and giving under £25K to TreeSisters a year will receive the following: Commercial Participator Agreement (with Work for Good) Work for Good Logo Winter and Summer Impact Reports Our monthly upgraded newsletter rich with content Partners Media Toolkit Fundraising Pack Business Donors donating under £25K a year and businesses fundraising in aid of will receive the following: In Aid of (fundraising use only) Winter and Summer Impact Report Our monthly upgraded newsletter rich with content Partners Media Toolkit Fundraising Pack
  • How can I volunteer with TreeSisters?
    Thank you for considering giving your time to TreeSisters! Our People team is currently developing our Volunteer Strategy, if you are interested in supporting please reach out to
  • How do I find out about vacancies at TreeSisters?
    Thank you for considering working with us! We have a wonderful team and love to hear from people who are as passionate about our mission as we are. All our job vacancies are listed on our website and social media channels, so please check those out.
  • I have applied for a role at TreeSisters; when will I hear back from you?
    Thank you for your interest in working at TreeSisters and for taking the time to apply to a vacancy. Please be mindful that we are a small team and replying to individual requests for updates actually slows the process down. We will always reply to candidates as soon as possible.
  • We have a planting project which needs support; how do we partner with you?
    We will be opening up our application process for project proposals later this year as part of our new Green Cover Strategy implementation, so keep checking back.
  • My organisation would like to donate/become a business partner; how do we do that?
    We have an amazing network of business partners who generously give to our projects and use their platform to advance the conversation around integrating nature into businesses. We love to speak with organisations committed to ethically giving back to nature.
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