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By partnering with TreeSisters, you join us in our mission to work in harmony with trees and communities for them to survive and thrive. Our shared commitment takes ethical climate action, supports local communities and women and powerfully stands together for nature.


Giving back to nature is good for business! Businesses have a huge role to play in shaping a thriving future for all beings on Earth. As a nature-loving business, you are in a position to effect positive change within your entire ecosystem and by coming together, we can make a real difference. Your support shows your commitment to a greener, more equal planet and a world beyond profit. We can provide you with educational and marketing content to inspire while you support ethical climate action, reforestation, women, community and nature. Find out more and join our revolution for nature today.


Your support is vital to our work at TreeSisters. You can contribute to our activities in many ways, and your support, large or small, goes a long way in re-greening our world and protecting species, habitats and biodiversity. TreeSisters is looking for committed business partners wanting to embed restoration into their business model and culture. Walking their talk from the inside out. Learn more about how you can get involved by exploring the opportunities below.

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By committing to donations you will join a community of likeminded conscious businesses creating the change we need for the future. You can use your brands wide appeal to share the amazing commitment you have made to restore and respect the global forests and continue to build a trusted reputation to your network and beyond.  

Your donations will support a carefully selected and well-vetted ethical reforestation portfolio of projects across the tropics, benefiting local communities and fostering women’s participation and leadership.


We live our values, and it's important to us that your organisations can also commit to the same values within your business. 


Our Business Partners are leading the change within their sectors and engaging their wider ecosystems to give back to nature. We are thrilled to be in partnership with organisations that are part of the solution.

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“TreeSisters has greatly deepened our understanding of ecosystem restoration projects and what it means for initiatives to be considered truly ethical. TreeSisters’ authentic approach and their focus on women’s empowerment, working with Original Peoples around the world and climate justice is hugely inspiring and has positively influenced Pukka’s approach."

Eleanor Jeffrey (Head of Sustainability at Pukka) and Georgia Philips (Herbal Missions Lead at Pukka)


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