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Ethical, community-led planting projects with women & community at their core.

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Trees Funded

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Restoring diverse forest ecosystems and habitats, protecting critically endangered species.

About TreeSisters

Our mission is to fund ethical, community-led planting projects that take direct climate action, empower women and champion local and indigenous communities. We also aim to inspire a global movement that reconnects and realigns our relationship with Nature. 

Together, we can stand for a greener, more equal future.

We Are

Nature is not somewhere you visit. It is us and it is home. Shifting our perception and reconnecting with our roots will radically change how we live (and treat) our incredible natural world.

Our Planting Projects.

Our approach to reforestation integrates respect, equity, collaboration and Nature connection into climate action.

Across multiple locations, including Brazil, The DRC, Borneo, Kenya, Colombia, and Madagascar, we are rebalancing power structures, embedding gender equity, and uplifting and empowering communities to lead the restoration of their lands.

Get Involved

We need your support. Join a global movement standing for a different way. Through ethical, community-led reforestation, you can give back to our planet and support women, Indigenous Peoples and Nature. Become a regular donor and start advocating for, reconnecting and rebalancing with Nature today. Collectively we can change the world.

News and Blogs

Stay up-to-date and sign up for our monthly news and events.

Restoration Strategy

Community, Nature and women are at core of who we are and what we do. Learn more and support our ethical approach to reforestation. 


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