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Completed and Closed Planting Projects

Over the past year, TreeSisters have been developing our new Green Cover Strategy, centring community-led initiatives with a biocultural focus and women's empowerment at their core. We are excited to launch this and share more soon. However, as we begin to implement this new strategy, one of the effects of its evolution is the selection of projects we support. While this brings incredible new projects like the indigenous, women-led initiative in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (launched last month and more coming soon), it also means closing other projects less aligned with our evolving vision and mission.

As such, we have concluded funding for two of our previous projects and are shifting focus on another. Firstly, the Cauvery Calling project in India, which TreeSisters started funding in 2021 as an extension and development of Project GreenHands, run by the Isha Foundation. Given that TreeSisters is focusing on supporting smaller-scale, community-led projects, the large-scale drive of the Cauvery Calling project was at odds with our new direction. The new model was no longer prioritising marginalised farmers, and while women were involved, it did not have women's empowerment as a key project focus. Hence we wish the project nothing but success but have amicably ceased funding.

Secondly, we are delighted to announce that because of support like yours, TreeSisters has successfully completed and concluded planting over 1,500,000 trees in the Ansus Region of Yapen Island in West Papua. While partner Eden Reforestation Projects continues to work in this area, this amazing milestone was hit in late 2022, meaning TreeSisters completed its arm of the project, supporting the local community and helping to restore decimated mangrove forests. We are delighted with what was achieved through the project and are excited to watch these trees grow over the coming years.

Lastly, we are concluding our support of the Atlantic Rainforest project in Brazil, a result of joint discussions with our planting partner WeForest. We have identified other WeForest projects more aligned with our vision and look forward to announcing these soon.


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