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Join the Restore Nature Now March: A Call to Action for Nature and Climate

TreeSisters is proud to support Restore Nature Now, a collective call for the rights of Nature to be acknowledged and respected.

On Saturday, 22nd June, thousands of us will be marching for Nature in central London. This peaceful, inclusive, and family-friendly event, supported by 150 organisations such as the RSPB, National Trust, Woodland Trust, and TreeSisters, aims to create the largest gathering for nature and climate that the UK has ever seen. We will celebrate British nature and demand urgent action on the Climate and Ecological Emergency.

Why We’re Marching

From oak trees struggling to adapt to climate extremes to rising sea temperatures threatening puffin’s food supply, the climate crisis is already devastating Nature and wildlife on our shores. 

We’re marching for:

Puffins and Kittiwakes

These seabirds could largely disappear from the UK’s coast in the coming years. Rising sea temperatures are reducing their food supply, threatening their survival.

Oak Trees

Ancient oaks, which support over 2,300 species, are struggling to adapt to extreme climate events, droughts, flooding, and new pests and diseases.


Nearly a quarter of Europe’s bumblebee species are now threatened with extinction. Climate change is disrupting their natural cycles, impacting their ability to pollinate.

As well as Atlantic Salmon and Cod, freshwater rivers and lakes, coastal habitats like sand dunes and salt marshes and moorlands and peat bogs - We’re marching for all of these habitats and species at threat from the devastating effects of climate change. 

Restore Nature Now Aims

The Restore Nature Now march is not just about raising awareness; it’s about demanding real change. Its key aims are:

A Pay Rise for Nature

Farmers manage 70% of UK land and play a crucial role in environmental recovery. We need to double the Nature and climate-friendly farming budget to provide the support they need.

Make Polluters Pay

Big businesses in water, retail, energy, and other sectors contribute significantly to environmental decline. We demand new rules to make them contribute to Nature and climate recovery and an end to new fossil fuels.

More Space for Nature

Only 3% of English land and 8% of waters are properly protected for nature and wildlife. To meet UK Nature and climate commitments, we need to expand and improve protected areas and ensure public land and National Parks contribute more to recovery.

A Right to a Healthy Environment

Limited access to nature and pollution in air and water affect everyone’s health. We’re calling for an Environmental Rights Bill to drive better decisions for nature, improve public health, and increase access to Nature.

Fair and Effective Climate Action

We cannot save Nature without addressing the climate crisis. We need investment in warm homes, lower bills through increased home energy efficiency, support for active travel and public transport, and a shift from polluting fossil fuels to affordable renewables to ensure we at least halve UK emissions by 2030.

Join Us

We’d love to see you there. Let’s send a powerful message to those in power: Nature needs us all. Together, we can make a difference for our planet and future generations.

Visit for more information about the event, including the programme for the day and how to get involved as a volunteer.

Nature needs us all. Join the Restore Nature Now march on 22nd June and be part of the change.


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