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November Newsletter

Restore the Balance & Make the Change

How is it November already? It feels like a blink, or you missed it year! TreeSisters has been undergoing lots of changes to refocus and realign, from systems to mission, meaning it has been non-stop. It also means we are incredibly proud of what we have achieved. We're looking ahead to 2023 with fresh eyes, simpler processes and a renewed passion for affecting real change for the planet and our beneficiaries. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. We still have two months of the year remaining and lots to do and share. This month, join us for the Big Give Match Funding Campaign, our new fundraising platform, visit our new social media TreeSisters Community Branch, sign up for our next Full Moon Meditation, and more. We appreciate you being on this journey with us.

Be the Change: One Donation, Twice the Impact this Giving Tuesday

TreeSisters is delighted to have been selected for the Winter Big Give Challenge, the UK's largest match funding campaign. Starting on #GivingTuesday (29th of November) for one week only, Big Give will double any donation to our Be the Change campaign! The 2021 Black Friday weekend saw the US and UK consumers spend more than £18bn in under 48 hours. This campaign aims to spotlight the vast consumption of things we don't need, all while our planet, our home, is in crisis. We'll send you more information when we're closer to the launch. Still, please mark your calendars, as these match funding campaigns make a HUGE difference in supporting our vision and mission. Make the change from consumer to restorer today.

New TreeSisters Community Branch

We're delighted to invite you to join our new, private TreeSisters Community Branch on Facebook. This is an inclusive space for us to share the latest TreeSisters news and where you can take part, learn and support one another in our journey toward restoration. Check out our welcome video, and we hope to see you there.

Green Cover & Planting Projects

Spotlight on... Nepal

In Nepal, we work with Eden Reforestation Projects to regrow and protect the vibrant lowland forests in the Terai region. Villagers are employed to grow, plant and guard the regrowing forest— a vital element to successful reforestation. With a focus on female participation, the planting teams are approximately 40% female, intending to reach 60%. The project also aims to build these employees' capacity to become managers and nursery leaders in the future. This approach encourages a strong relationship with the trees. As through local involvement and respect for the community's needs, people become stewards of their forests, ensuring the permanence of the trees.

Fundraising & Partnerships

Fundraising is Evolving

We have moved to JustGiving! Alongside this new platform, we are working on new tools, including a fundraising pack with tips, ideas and how-to's, to fully support your fundraising efforts. If you had a fundraising page on our old platform, you would have received an email from us about next steps. And if you don't, maybe now is the perfect time to start one! There are so many ways to support and fundraise for TreeSisters; consider a hike, bake sale, movie screening, sponsored yoga class or live meditation... your imagination is the only limit.

Events & Offerings

Join us for this month's Full Moon Meditation as we gaze upward toward the sky at the clouds. The shape-shifting and ever-changing forms above us who boldly share their moods with all. Join us on the 8th of November as we converse and dance with the clouds in their different forms. These meditations are an audio-only experience allowing you to drop into and fully immerse yourself in the experience.

Take a moment to sit under the waterfall and tune into your sensory aliveness with this 10-minute "A Waterfall Moment" meditation. You can also visit our online nature-based meditation library. You will find many different practices and processes for increasing your connection with nature here. Give yourself the time to stop, listen, nourish, and rebalance, or for its sheer pleasure!

Did you know? By supporting TreeSisters, you help restore the world's tropical forests. Your donation supports our entire portfolio of planting partners and projects re-establishing the diverse forest ecosystems, protecting multiple critically endangered species, reducing poverty and mitigating climate change. Find out more about our work.

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How Your Mangrove Trees are Saving Lives and Landscapes

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