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July Newsletter

Celebrating Sun, Summer & 'Sea Trees'

It's summer here in the UK, so that means longer days, rich colours, full blooming flowers and everything feeling alive with energy. It's much the same at TreeSisters, and we have a jam-packed news for you this month. Firstly, we're celebrating all things mangroves and spotlighting the incredible contribution these 'sea trees' make to our ecosystems; we're launching not one, but TWO new restoration projects; Indigenous communities in Brazil are calling for your support; we're sending summer solstice blessings to you no matter where you live; and we're inviting you all to come and learn more about the life-changing effects your donations make at our Restoration in Action event next month. Thank you as ever for your support. We hope you enjoy reading.

Latest from TreeSisters

New Restoration Projects in Bolivia and the DRC

Our Restoration team has been busy, and thanks to their work and your incredible support, TreeSisters are thrilled to announce two new planting projects. These incredible initiatives, one in Bolivia and one in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), are with new partner Voix Libres. Voix Libres centres women and young people as agents of change in environmental protection and community empowerment. You can learn more about each of these projects below.


This reforestation and community empowerment programme intends to support vulnerable women and children out of poverty by building community resilience through reforestation, education, training, and agroforestry. Alongside reforesting fire-damaged areas, the project will plant ‘edible squares’ of fruit trees, employing and benefiting over 1,000 women and young people.

Kivu, The Democratic Republic of the Congo

This project directly links environmental protection to alleviating suffering for some of the most vulnerable people in the DRC. Women and young people, many of whom have been victims of sexual violence, will plant over 9,000 trees per year to improve food self-sufficiency while taking climate action and restoring the environment. In addition, the project provides training and microcredits to empower women to become entrepreneurs and leaders in their communities.

Act NOW and stand in solidarity with Indigenous Peoples in Brazil

TreeSisters are deeply concerned and stand in solidarity with Indigenous leaders and environmentalists in Brazil against the approval of bill number 490 (re-numbered Bill 2903), which could devastate Indigenous communities and isolated tribes.

As the legislation moves to the Senate, we must take action to protect both the global climate and the fundamental human rights of indigenous peoples. Please share this message widely. You can read the open letter and sign the petition through the link below.

"We see, today, that the Chamber of Deputies is putting everything at risk. Their ideologies, thoughts and dreams are leading to the great destruction of planet Earth. This is an URGENT call. This change in legislation will jeopardise humanity on this planet.”

- Benki Piyãko, an Ashaninka spiritual leader and designer of the TreeSisters-supported agroforestry project in Brazil.

Summer Solstice Blessings

“A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows.”

On the 21st of June, those in the Northern Hemisphere celebrated the Summer Solstice, or Litha, to give it its pagan name.

Also known as the longest day of the year, cultures around the world have celebrated the summer solstice for thousands of years. This astronomical event has significant cultural and spiritual importance, representing renewal, growth, and the sun's power. It is also a time to reflect on the changing seasons and the natural cycles of life. It serves as a reminder to honour and respect the natural world and recognise our interconnectedness with nature. No matter where you live or if you celebrate, we hope you take this opportunity to appreciate and celebrate the beauty and wonder of nature.

Restoration & Planting Projects

Blog: Forest Planters are the Roots of the World

"In both initiatives, the fundamental vision of the project is to recognise the importance of trees as a foundation for wellbeing and life. Not only do the fruit trees provide food and livelihoods, but they support soils, promote biodiversity, provide shade, and encourage rainfall."

In this blog, Tree Partnerships Manager Madeleine introduces two new TreeSisters-supported restoration projects and the transformational effect environmental protection and nature connection can have on vulnerable communities.

Blog: The Crucial Role of Mangroves in Sustaining our Environment

The 26th of July marks the International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystem. It might seem odd to have a day dedicated to conserving these particular sea forests, but mangroves are incredibly diverse and essential ecosystems bordering the land and sea. They are also declining at an alarming rate - disappearing three to five times faster than other forests.

This month, we spotlight the importance of mangroves and look at our Mozambique and Madagascar projects. Together, we can protect and preserve these unique and precious ecosystems and forests for the future of our planet.

Fundraising & Partnerships

TreeSisters Partner Faith in Nature are B-Corp Certified

We're delighted to congratulate one of our business partners, Faith in Nature, for becoming B-Corp certified.

B Corps are ‘companies verified by B Lab to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.’ This certification acts as a blueprint for using business as a force for good, a model which redefines the role of business within our economic system and makes a shift towards a fairer and more regenerative society.

Laura Ford, Faith In Nature’s Sustainability Director, says, “Faith in Nature has strived to deliver on its mission to make better choices available to everyone, every day, for nearly 50 years now. We’re thrilled that these efforts have been recognised with the highly-respected B Corp status, helping us to ensure that we remain a force for good in society.”

Events & Offerings

Whether the lingering aroma after heavy rainfall, evenings spent around a campfire, or spongy moss underfoot in dense, green woodland - fragrance can ignite powerful memories and transport us to another place and time. Join us for this month's Full Moon Meditation on Monday, 3rd of July and take the time to be led by scent. Appreciate the variety and complexity of our natural world’s perfumes and get curious about the stories, emotions and time travel awoken in us through the power of smell.

Wednesday, 12th July. Register your interest for this free event to introduce and share the direction of our new Restoration Strategy. Led by Head of Restoration Angela and Tree Partnerships Manager Madeleine, we will share the strategy's key goals and principles, as well as outline a few of our projects already embodying this new women and community-led reforestation strategy. Further details to follow, but we welcome everyone to attend and see the incredible work your support is achieving around the world.

Did you know? By supporting TreeSisters, you help restore the world's tropical forests. Your donation supports our entire portfolio of planting partners and projects re-establishing the diverse forest ecosystems, protecting multiple critically endangered species, reducing poverty and mitigating climate change. Find out more about our work.

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How Your Mangrove Trees are Saving Lives and Landscapes

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