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How Your Trees are Saving Jaguars

The Atlantic Forest of Brazil - where our tree-planting partners WeForest are restoring precious wildlife corridors - is home to one of South America's most charismatic species: the jaguar.

This forest has an unusually high level of biodiversity and is home to a large number of species that are found no nowhere else in the world. It has also suffered severe deforestation; now, just 8% of the Atlantic Forest still stands.

The loss of forests is not only a problem for our climate but for jaguars and other large carnivores, who are at risk of extinction due to the loss of their habitat. There are currently only 300 jaguars left in the forest.

But there is hope. WeForest has identified seven Jaguar Conservation Units: areas with a population of male and female jaguars and is doing excellent work to rebuild their habitat.

403 hectares of forest are already being restored. Thanks to your monthly contributions, they will be able to expand this deeply needed work, which not only creates a better future for the jaguar but also combats climate change through the carbon capture of the forest.


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