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December Newsletter

A Revolution for Nature

Last week saw #blackfriday, a day that spotlights vast consumption and consumerism, contrasted this week with #GivingTuesday, a day of global generosity encouraging everyone everywhere to give back however they can. We don't need to tell you which one we prefer. Yet, at a time when less than 2% of global philanthropic giving goes to our Earth, far less than what is needed, we do need to ask you to donate what you can, give back to our home and join our revolution for nature. And if you can't give, that's ok too; instead, please share our message, follow us on socials, and shout about our latest match funding campaign from the rooftops... Every bit helps. Please turn up and give back to nature however you can.

Help us reach our goal and see your donation and impact DOUBLED!

It's been less than 48 hours since our Big Give Match Funding launch, and your generosity continues to blow us away, but we need your help to keep the momentum going. As well as direct climate action through ethical reforestation, your support empowers women globally, provides livelihoods, protects species and habitats, champions indigenous and local communities, advocates for the rights of nature and educates and inspires on the importance of reconnecting with our natural world. So please, join our revolution and give back to our planet.

A Letter from our Founder

"It's time for me to step down from TreeSisters… I never saw this coming, but now that I’m here, it’s clear. It’s such an unexpectedly quiet clarity and homecoming. I gave myself completely to the world, now I need to do the same for myself." In deepest gratitude, all of us here at TreeSisters wish our Founder, Clare Dubois, the very best as she moves on from the organisation to focus on herself, her health and new avenues and adventures. We know whatever she does next will be amazing, and we can't wait to follow her ongoing journey.

Green Cover & Planting Projects

Spotlight on... Mozambique

In partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects, this project supports the restoration of decimated mangroves surrounding Maputo Bay. Burnt during the Mozambican Civil War to spot hiding rebels, the mangroves are now threatened by flooding from climate change, settlements and human activities such as charcoal making. Alongside providing employment opportunities for the local fishing communities, the mangroves form part of the diverse 'Maputaland Coastal Forest Mosaic’, which hosts more than 470 bird species, over 40 of which are only found there.

Blog: UN Climate Change CoP27: TreeSisters' Perspective

"The attempts to place a monetary value on natural wealth (every integral part of nature, plant like fungi, animal, mineral, fossil, water, soil, etc.) is the accounting mind's genuine attempt to understand and reflect the needs of Nature."

In this blog, TreeSisters Education and Alliances team, Suzi Steer and Rebecca Lefton summarise the positives (and negatives) of what we're seeing from the latest UN Climate COP in Egypt and why the solution can't be found using the same methods that brought about the crisis.

Fundraising & Partnerships

Giving back just got easier. Follow our partner Pukka Herbs.

To celebrate the end of 2022, one of our incredible partners, Pukka Herbs, who nurture healthier, happier lives through powerful organic plants, is marking the year by doing something meaningful for the planet. For every Instagram follower they have by New Years' Eve 2022, they will fund the planting of a tree with TreeSisters. They currently have 119k; give them a follow, and let's see how much we can raise.

Events & Offerings

Join us on the 7th of December for this month's live Full Moon Meditation. This month, we use the full moon's light to creep, crawl, scuttle and fly into the world of insects. You are invited to enter these often overlooked or misunderstood communities with whom we share a planet.These meditations are an audio-only experience allowing you to drop into and fully immerse yourself in the experience.

When you pause for moments of gratitude, you say yes to all the beautiful things you cherish. This 9-minute meditation guides you to centre yourself and feel into what you are grateful for each day. You can also visit our online nature-based meditation library. You will find many different practices and processes for increasing your connection with nature there.

For this month's Indigenous Wisdom for the Earth series, we travel to the Sápmi region or "Cap of the North", the northern parts of Sweden, Russia and Finland. Here, we join Helene Lindmark, also known as Great-Grandmother "Máttaráhkka", a Wisdomkeeper, Noid and Healer who walks the Shamanic tradition of her ancestors. Helene's conversation will make you think about how the land has shaped you.

Did you know? By supporting TreeSisters, you help restore the world's tropical forests. Your donation supports our entire portfolio of planting partners and projects re-establishing the diverse forest ecosystems, protecting multiple critically endangered species, reducing poverty and mitigating climate change. Find out more about our work.

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How Your Mangrove Trees are Saving Lives and Landscapes

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