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TreeSisters’ Position on Carbon Credits and Offsets

TreeSisters is a stand for life. TreeSisters uphold a biocultural approach wherein an ecosystem has innate worth, right to life, knowledge and freedoms. After extensive research into proposed solutions and with leading experts in carbon certification, NGOs, Original Peoples, and our planting partners, TreeSisters does not offer carbon credits.

Along with significant concerns about the lack of integrity around net zero pledges and carbon offsets, our position is deeply rooted in our ethics and values. Alongside the imperative to reduce rather than offset, this monetisation of nature and the pathway presented through a market-based carbon accounting route do not add up to long-term care of life. It may, in fact, be perpetuating harm to humans and ecosystems by attempting to solve a problem using the same mindset that created it.

While our position will continue to evolve, TreeSisters are interested in supporting communities, biodiversity and entire ecosystems - not just reducing carbon. We call for radical generosity and realignment with nature, not the least amount to be done.


This is a shortened version of our full internal carbon credits & offsetting position.


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