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A Joint Commitment to Ethical Restoration

The Fountain

TreeSisters and The Fountain are delighted to celebrate a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), strengthening our joint commitment to biocultural restoration as a method for caring for current and future beings on Earth.

The Fountain is a U.S.-based non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting Sacred Economics, Territories and Cultures and advising and educating organisations and individuals based on Original Principles and ancestral wisdom. Our partnership brings together deep knowledge of original principles and protocols with the best scientific research practices.

Built upon years of collaboration, research, and in-depth listening, our primary focus is launching the Ethical Tree Growing Framework. This framework serves as a guide, outlining the pathways to ethical, community-led tree stewardship that prioritises fairness and equity for all. The framework has already informed TreeSisters Restoration Strategy and will promote an alternative approach to ethical restoration.

We look forward to further collaboration as we work on designing and developing educational programs for our partners and networks.


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