TreeSisters is a twin tree – part feminine empowerment and part reforestation. Why? Because we believe that we cannot restore the health and vitality of the planet without considering the human behaviours that are destroying it in the first place.

Our unique feminine approach is based on the understanding that we need to reconnect to the natural world through the nature of our own bodies, so we can remember our sacred roles as restorers and protectors of Life.

TreeSisters is an opportunity to restore the essential aspects of ourselves through connection and community. It's an invitation to say Yes to a new kind of leadership and felt sense of integrity about how we want to live in right relationship with nature. In our togetherness, we can know our actions as part of a global movement of people lovingly seeding the world we want to create for future generations.

Take your Place

Take your place in the movement with us by exploring this five-part series of invitations that are intended to awaken and inspire you into a deeper and more balanced relationship with yourself, your community, with nature, and Life itself.

The first offering is one of our key empowerment tools called 'The Blueprint of a Restorer Species.' This is a behaviour change model, calling for humanity to evolve from a Consumer Species to a Restorer Species.

Map-of-a-Restorer-SpeciesThe Blueprint of a Restorer Species

Do you long to...

Live in a world where humanity cares deeply about nature & places Life at the center of every decision?

Discover the vital role that women can play when we are powerfully supporting each other?

Explore how nature connectedness can transform your life and leadership?

Inspire a radical responsibility revolution as we all take ownership of the restoration of our forests?

Unleash your creativity as a gift of your love for this world and all future generations?

If any of these questions resonate in your heart, then you are in the right place. This page is an invitation to take your place in the movement with us, through a series of invitations that are intended to awaken and inspire you into a deeper and more balanced relationship with Life.

Please note: The Map of 5 Choices and the Inner Journey Map are the intellectual property of TreeSisters. This proprietary information of TreeSisters is a potent consciousness shift tool offered to you as part of the Inner Journey and whilst we encourage you to use the tools personally, and within your Grove (if this is appropriate to you) we ask that you do not reproduce the materials for use outside of these purposes without our written permission.

Continue reading to receive each Invitation, or go here to have a direct experience of the Blueprint of a Restorer Species:


Awareness1. Awareness: the choice to wake up

Women are recognizing that we have a huge and vital role to play in reinstating balance and normalizing a culture of care. Feminine consciousness and leadership that arise out of reverence for life are crucial ingredients in humanity's shift from a Consumer Species to a Restorer Species. TreeSisters is supporting this shift by helping women around the world to wake up and consider their relationship to the sacredness of Life.


Map of a Restorer Species - Feminine Awakening Series - The Callings Video Series - Inspiring Videos - Feminine Nature Based Leadership
Blog - Interviews - Rewilding your Feminine Nature

Image credit (left): Debra Bernier

Togetherness2. Togetherness: the choice to love

The magic accessible through the collective connection, intention and reverence of women is a force of love that can reshape our world. TreeSisters exists to to call forth the brilliance of women everywhere and unleash the full throttle potency of authentic feminine leadership. We gather virtually and locally, bonded by our collective longing to fully liberate, celebrate and activate all that we actually are on behalf of Life.


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Image credit (right): Claudia Tremblay

Intimacy3. Intimacy with Nature: the choice to feel

Humanity and nature are indivisible, and yet we have normalized a state of disconnection that perpetuates the consumption of our natural resources (our life support system). Reconnecting with nature is the single greatest imperative of our time if behaviours are to change. TreeSisters offers a variety of ways to come into sacred relationship with nature and the nature of our own bodies, as a way of restoring Life.


Femmiversity - Meditations - Deep dives, Dances and Ceremonies - Full Moon Retreats - Rewilding your Feminine Nature - Prayers for the Forests

Image credit (left): Claudia Tremblay

Response-ability4. Response - ability: the choice to Restore

If togetherness and intimacy with nature are rooted in our lives, then we will respond in ways that protect the people we love and the world that sustains us. TreeSisters are women who are choosing to make giving back to nature normal. They are expressing planetary care in their own unique ways, and together we are collectively giving funds to reforest the tropics, which is proving to be one of the most effective solutions to climate change. Tropical trees sequester carbon fast, replenish groundwater and soil, protect biodiversity and reduce oceanic acidification, poverty and malnutrition.


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Courage-new-new5. Courage: the choice to shine

How many of us are sitting on wild rivers of creativity, passion, leadership and inspiration that if let loose could blast open pathways of permission for so many other women to follow? Conditioned appropriateness and self diminishment are dissolving into pure feminine power as collectively we shed old skins, unleash our brilliance, and reclaim the innate authority of Woman. TreeSisters exists to elicit the gifts of women everywhere in service to our culture shift and ecological restoration.


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