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Georgina Gorman


Executive Director

Georgina joined TreeSisters in May 2021 as a consultant covering the role of Interim Chief Operating Officer. She joined the permanent team as our COO/Head of Operations in December 2021, then Deputy Director in early 2022. In September 2022, the Board asked Georgina to step into the Executive Director role on an interim basis.

Georgina has a background in Psychology, Operations/Project Management and Leadership Consultancy, particularly around change management, unconscious bias, inclusion and growth mindset. Georgina can be found by the seaside on the English South-East coast, with her husband, four dogs and one cat.

Georgina Gorman

I've always felt a strong connection with nature, particularly through wildlife and the sea. Whenever I need to reset, I visit the sea or talk a walk through the local nature reserve. With four dogs, we have plenty of encouragement to spend time on nature walks!

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