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About the interview

Some of this conversation is about violence against women in Pakistan and that may be a trigger for some.

We speak to the wonderful Sister Zeph. After facing educational abuse and discrimination at a young age, Sister Zeph set out to start her own school for girls so they could get an education and be treated with kindness.It began with a one room school and has grown into Zephaniah Free Education & Women's Empowerment Foundation where they provide 12 years of free schooling to the most disadvantaged in rural Pakistan, and skills training to hundreds of women free of charge. Sister Zeph’s work also helps keep children out of child labor and child marriage. She has met many challenges in doing this work which continue to this day.

You are invited to hear what Sister Zeph has to share about resilience and not giving up on doing what you know is needed.

We talk about:

  • Women in the culture of Pakistan

  • The work of the school~ Training for women

  • Her humanitarian aid for widows

  • The current challenges Sister Zeph and the school are facing

  • The wisdom of challenges

It’s important that we recognised that Sister Zeph is standing up against these harsh realities to pave a better way. She is truly a model of what resilience means.


Sedahan Jaya residents who are active in reforestation activities


Architectual Dome


Father with his Son


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