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About the interview

Join us as we speak to Bill Jones, Elder of the Pacheedaht First Nation, and Asha and Paula from the Mama’s Movement group about the old growth forests in British Columbia (Canada) and the Fairy Creek Blockade.

These forests are currently being cleared by loggers reportedly at a rate of 150,000 hectares a year. With only around 846,000 hectares left, the forests will be completely destroyed in a few short years. The situation is a complex one with many layers including a grand scale old growth forest study, campaign promises unkept and a history of colonisation that has divided the indigenous people.Due to some technical difficulties this interview will be presented in three edited video segments. 

In the first segment please join us as:

Paula and Asha introduce themselves and their group Mama’s Movement

  • They share an introduction to the situation at Fairy Creek Forest

  • Ways you can help save the old growth forests of BCIn the second segment Bill Jones of the Pacheedaht First Nation speaks about

  • The Fairy Creek Blockade and how it began

  • How many people are seeking to reconnect to Nature

  • A personal in depth sharing of the colonisation of himself and his tribe

  • The government influences and how they have complicated the situation

  • A desire to make people aware of the firmly entrenched policies

  • A hope that people care and will help bring about a healthier way for the indigenous and this very unique old growth forest

And a bonus video conversation with Mama’s Movement with a focus on women and Nature.To learn more please visit: Mamas Movement at:

Watch their film Arise here: for you to help save these forests:

Additional information and important updates by the Rainforest Flying Squad:


Sedahan Jaya residents who are active in reforestation activities


Architectual Dome


Father with his Son


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