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About the interview

It is an honour to have Roberto Moreira of the Mbyá Guarani original people on our series this month. The Mbyá Guarani began as a migratory people due both to survival needs and spiritual beliefs. They originated in Amazonia and travelled south over thousands of years. Roberto is the chief of the Yasy Porá village in the Argentina rainforest.

Andrea Ferrari, who has been working as a volunteer for this tribe, introduces us to Roberto. She shares that “the Mbyá have always been reluctant to speak of themselves and their profound and rich culture to strangers. Their survival strategy is connected to their secrecy.” To have Roberto willing to come share was an honour for which we are very grateful.

Due to their beliefs, the conversation and video with Roberto focuses solely on his work preserving the tree and medicinal plant species in the area he calls home. Please join us as he shares:

  • His absolute delight to be speaking with others who care as much about the Earth as he does

  • The importance of planting trees and how his message to us all is if we each could plant at least five trees, we could change the planet for the better

  • Why he is working to save the species in his area and how deforestation there is an increasing problem

  • How he hopes to start a medicinal nursery and how the knowledge is shared among generations

  • The challenges of growing a full nursery such as lack of tools, time and water

  • The three main reasons they are facing a water shortage

  • A call for help, if anyone knows of ways to resolve their water issues or nursery challenges

I hope that you find his energy and spirit as inspiring as I did. If you know of a way to help or simply want to send a message of support to encourage him in his work, please email Andrea Ferrari at


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