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About the interview

The leaders Haru and Hayra Kuntantawa of the Kuntanawa Nation in the State of Acre, Brazil, as they speak to us from the rainforest and discuss the importance of preserving the intact areas of the Amazon. The biodiversity, the medicinal plants and the composition of the soil in the Amazon are all very unique to these older trees which have developed a complex and rich understory over decades. The Kuntanawa Nation are seeking like-minded groups and individuals who see the value in guarding these last stands of old growth trees and who want to come forward to step up and support their protection.

This call was recorded in June before the Brazilian government opened up the indigenous lands to miners and loggers. Since this time the situation has intensified and the Brazilian Supreme Court has paused action until August. Please know, even though the message was recorded before the demarcation was announced, the plans Haru discusses in this conversation are a part of the solution for the situation they are in.

Haru Kuntanawa shared an additional message about this turn of events which we share below.

"My dear brothers and sisters, times are not easy here in Brazil. We need to strengthen ourselves now more than ever, our future is being thrown away to government and extractive industry powers who wish to serve capitalism! We indigenous people need union and support from everyone to strengthen ourselves. One of the tactics the companies and government use is to divide us and to promote war between each other in order to divert attention and to do what they wish, promoting poverty and misery in our communities to enslave us.

That is why we are looking for support through our campaigns to find a way to promote dignity among our families, we are the guardians of a vast and rich Forest that we share with the whole planet, the oxygen produced by Amazonia is much more important than even virtual technology, without that we don't have air to breathe. For our Forest to remain standing we need the support of our brothers and sisters of the world so we can remain strong and capable of protecting our territories, as the current government together with corporations only destroy our Mother Nature every day to feed their financial profits!" ~ Haru Kuntanawa leader of the Kuntanawa Nation.

If you wish to help the Kuntanawa Nation in any way as an ally or with suggestions or contacts please email them at: tribokuntanawa@gmail.comYou can also visit their website for announcements at help with thier food security you can learn more here.


Sedahan Jaya residents who are active in reforestation activities


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Father with his Son


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