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About the interview

During this conversation we hear from Nic Salazar the founder of Guardians Worldwide and finding out about their mission to stop the destruction of forests and rivers in some of the most vulnerable tropical and temperate biomes in the world.

Guardians Worldwide do this by facilitating Indigenous-led education, training and coaching ​online which provides an income for the indigenous communities to carry out their work to protect these environments. The methods of Guardians Worldwide are rooted in learning from indigenous culture and land awareness. It’s an immersive experience that truly helps you to see the world through the eyes of indigenous people.

Additionally, Nic Salazar speaks to us about being in relationship with the land. He talks about how the land holds so much wisdom and knowledge, we simply need to take the time and be aware of it as the conscious living being that it is. He encourages us all to learn the history of the land we are on, so that we can honour those who came before. For those who live in cities, Nic speaks of land memory. This is a process where you see the land before it was built upon and how you can find clues throughout the city pointing to the natural landscape it once was.

You can also visit their website at

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