Our generous network of treesisters are transforming both lives and landscapes in extraordinary ways. So far we are growing forest corridors to protect endangered species in Brazil, restoring mangrove forests in Madagascar, replenishing the watershed of Mt Kenya and rescuing agricultural lands in India. As the network grows, our portfolio will also grow and diversify - highlighting the myriad ways that trees create, restore, serve and save life.

We are also finding ways to plant trees in the hearts and minds of women everywhere, so that recognition of our indivisibility drives our desire to replenish and protect our global forest.

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Projected number of trees to be planted per year through our monthly membership donations
(slightly variable due to changes in exchange rates)


Why the Tropics?

The tropical forests are more than 'the lungs' of our world - they are rain creators, weather stabilizers, air cleansers and conditioners for the whole planet. They are our major carbon sinks - absorbing excess atmospheric carbon that otherwise acidifies our oceans. They are the most biodiverse places on Earth in regions housing the poorest populations facing the worst extremes of climate change - and they need help. We cannot live without them and if we try, we'll lose. It's 'tree-time' - now.


Where are we Planting?


Our Reforestation Partners



Project GreenHands was created to unite an entire state around spiraling desertification in Tamil Nadu, where many major rivers have already dried up and agricultural failure is peaking as drought hits hard. We are supporting agro-forestry practices that transform lives and landscapes through intercropping to reduce soil erosion, increase soil fertility, biodiversity and ground water retention while providing income that reduces malnutrition and risk of farmer suicide. The spirit of this project is humbling.




Eden Projects are supporting whole villages to get out of debt and in many cases 'Fish Baron' slavery, by employing them to reforest their land and restore their major estuaries. Though this partnership, we fund mangrove forest regeneration to help these communities rebuild their coastal ecology - providing nurseries for vital dwindling fish stocks, stabilizing soil and providing buffering for rising sea levels and storms. The social and ecological benefits and beauty of this project are amazing.




Kenya has one of the lowest levels of green cover in Africa at just 7%, which makes water scarcity a national problem. We are supporting the International Tree Foundation's 20 Million Tree Campaign to work with farmers, women and school children to reforest the south eastern slope of Mt Kenya, to restore the water catchment areas and gather communities around the rehabilitation of both their forest and their agricultural lands. This is an audacious project that warrants significant support. 




Through WeForest, we fund local communities to grow and plant forest corridors that reconnect two major conservation reserves within the fragmented remains of the Atlantic Rainforest. In some areas, only 3% of the forest remains, yet despite the destruction, this remains one of the most biodiverse regions on earth. This project directly supports the migration and protection of endangered species and offers huge potential in terms of carbon sequestration while helping women make a difference ecologically and economically.



Success Stories

"The money we receive from planting trees is promoting our families.
We are not all that poor anymore and we have improved our living standard...
Women never surrender. Even if there's money or not, the fact remains
that we are here to plant trees for the benefit of all."



Our Ethos

Our unique feminine approach is based upon the understanding that we need to become deeply connected to the natural world through the nature of our own bodies, before we will shift our behaviours to respect and protect the world of which we are a part.


Are you a YES?

YES to adding my voice, my energy and my intention to the turning back towards nature

YES to living into the consciousness of a restorer species
YES to my part in the replenishment of the forests
YES to calling all women to explore who and what we are when we gather on behalf of life
YES to moving beyond fear and limitation
YES to astonishing ourselves
YES to each other, to life, to love, to our collective emergence




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