Women-praying-for-the-earthBecoming a TreeSister
is the start of a journey...

Treesisters are women taking a stand for trees. Together, we are discovering how to give our gifts and rise as a force of nature on behalf of nature. In sisterhood, we realize that we are not alone in our longings and dreams and that our togetherness is vital.

By listening deeply - to the earth, ourselves, and each other - we can bring through a different consciousness and quality of leadership that can help our species transform and rediscover ourselves as restorers of life.



When you step into TreeSisters you will find so many ways to grow, get involved, and to nurture yourself. TreeSisters is continually evolving through the creativity and brilliance of our members. We would love to welcome you to the sisterhood.

With enough love and support we begin to realize our own magnificence - that we are wise, wild, and powerful beyond measure and that we can actively seed the future we want to create for future generations.



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