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Photo by Mercy Kinani


TreeSisters focuses on funding ethical, community-led planting projects that support local communities, empower women and restores green cover.


Forests play a vital role in the hydrological cycles of our world, sequestering the atmospheric carbon dioxide driving climate change and providing the most biodiverse regions on earth. When trees are removed, vibrant ecosystems are often overfarmed, eroded and rendered infertile in a cascade effect mirrored by social decline, poverty and climate extremes. Reforestation can rapidly and naturally reverse these trends, stabilising and nourishing the soils, restoring watersheds, revitalising dry springs and providing good quality water to large downstream populations.

Yet, TreeSisters are so much more than just planting trees. We understand that social change is needed. Through education, leadership and action, our mission is to work in harmony with trees and their communities for the planet to survive and thrive. Giving a grant to TreeSisters can help us toward this vision and mission.


Grant funding enables TreeSisters to continue our core operations and develop and deliver new projects. Crucial to making real and tangible change on a large scale.

Unrestricted income is vital to allow us to remain strong, stable and flexible as we move forward. This type of funding enables us to use the money where it is most needed; it also helps to provide good governance, develop key infrastructure, enable us to be efficient, adaptable and deliver our operations to the highest level. 

If you would like to discuss funding a specific area of work, please contact us to discuss this further. 

Little girl  walking cattle in Nepal. Image by Eden Reforestation Projects
Man with a wheelbarrow of tree samplings to be planted


It is crucial to us that your choice to support TreeSisters is the right one and that your donation, large or small, makes a real and tangible difference all over the world. TreeSisters monitors and evaluates environmental and social outcomes along with the number of trees planted and long-term tree survival rates. We receive comprehensive data annually about positive ecological and socio-economic impacts in the regions where our projects are located. We share these impacts with all our donors in our annual impact reports. 


Our income and expenditure breakdown can also be viewed in our annual accounts. 


Sedahan Jaya residents who are active in reforestation activities


Image by Helena Lopes


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