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How can we partner in ways that call out the very best of ourselves and each other on behalf of the planet we love? Together we are finding out.

Our vision for partnership is based up the reciprocity, radical generosity and interdependence of the forest floor. We are casting the net far and wide to all workplaces, sectors, educational bodies, social profits, think-tanks, entrepreneurs, indigenous groups, youth, government agencies and multi-cultural groups. Our circle is open to all those who align with our values and honour the earth. In the same way that each tree supports and tends all other trees within its ecosystem, we aim to generate long-term partnerships that strengthen resilience. Together, we are building a vibrant global network of champions to amplify the movement towards collective ecological restoration.

Do you and/or your organization want to:

Become part of the Billion Trees Campaign?

Bring about lasting change for future generations?

Align with tropical tree planting and women's empowerment?

Collaborate in exploring compelling, mutually beneficial ideas?

Contribute to the growth and spread of the Restoration Pledge and movement?

Green-heart-3Ways to Partner with Us

We recognize and welcome many kinds of unique partnership as the movement grows through us all. Right now, as TreeSisters launches our first major consciousness shift campaign, we are at a crucial moment in our own development and have three primary areas that need your support:

1. Bring Forest Restoration to your network or organisation

2. Spread the word

3. Campaign sponsorship through direct financial support

1. Bring Forest Restoration to your network or organisation

hands-together-3Start your own community tree planting project

Here's a helpful blog article to get you started!

Give to the trees and set a tree target

You could inspire your co-workers or employees to give a one time or monthly donation, and set a collective tree target. Even £100 / $130 USD monthly donation will plant 379 in the tropics every single month.

Gifting a percentage of personal profits as a WaterCarrier

Becoming a WaterCarrier is an invitation to water the root system of our global forests. In return, there are a variety of ways that we will nourish you, including heartfelt connection with other WaterCarriers who are stepping forward on behalf of Life. Please go here to learn more.


Spread-the-Word2. Spread the Word

A big way that you can partner with us is by sharing what we are doing in whatever way you can, either personally or through your network or organisation. Our goal is for as many people as possible to join our Journey to a Billion Trees and restoration movement.

If you're interested in supporting us in this way, please click here to find our promotional materials for the Billion Trees Campaign.

Please let us know you're doing so, as we'd be happy to include your logo on our Partners page and explore other mutually strengthening areas of reciprocity. 


Courage3. Campaign sponsorship through direct financial support

To achieve a quantum leap and go to scale, we need to grow and develop our infrastructure and team to handle a rapidly growing, global, social mobilisation movement that underpins massive tropical reforestation.

We are looking for companies and orgnisations who are looking for a practical project with heart, soul and personal meaning - who want to be part of this culture and climate shifting work that will impact future generations in measurable and unmeasurable ways.

If you would like to become a financial sponsor of our work we warmly invite a conversation with our CEO Clare Dubois. Please get in touch with us here.



Become a Partner

Can we choose to wake up and restore our planet as a collective expression of love? We believe we can - we have a plan - and we want you to join us! To explore a potential partnership, please get in touch at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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