We planted our millionth tree!

Since our Million Trees campaign in the Autumn of 2016, we funded the planting of 740,485 trees, and as of this month (August 2017) have funded a further 291,905 for the Summer Quarter, bringing our all time funding total to 1,032,390 trees.


We're launching our first major tree campaign with the unveiling of the new online platform and website - and what arises from here will soon also be history...

October 10, 2016 we reached over 1,000 trees planted every day

October 15, 2016 we reached over 500,000 trees planted per year


We have stepped into partnership with two more beneficiary projects WeForest (working in Brazil) and International Tree Foundation (working in Kenya)


We have funded over 140,000 trees between India and Madagascar


We ran our IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for the creation and launch of our new online platform and website. We surpassed our fundraising goal, raising $96K and then securing top designers to rebrand and rebirth the online expression of TreeSisters.


We also saw the co-creation (between Board and team) of our plan to earn towards financial self-sustainability through the offering of courses that delivered on our mission of feminine empowerment through nature connectedness. 575 women from 15 countries registered for our first free introductory call for Earthing the Moon (our first course run by Jewels Wingfield). Over 3000 women have now heard it. Courses have run every season since, raising over. for the org and planting trees.


We partnered with our second reforestation beneficiary Eden Projects, funding the planting of mangroves in Madagascar, and we drilled down more deeply into our own reforestation strategy, outlining our geographic focus and selection criteria and streamlining our due diligence process.


We saw a deepening into nature based organisational practice, the coining of our phrase 'nature based feminine leadership' and the integration of the feminine mystery teachings around menstruality into our organisational culture.


Our first 15,000 drought defence trees were funded and planted in Tamil Nadu through Project GreenHands.


Following the addition of Edveeje Fairchild to the team, we started to explore how to run an organisation through nature based wisdom - following 'life' at the centre of the TreeSisters Map. We adopted the solar and lunar flows within yearly and monthly activities, and began our seasonal donor retreats to mark these phases.


Through 2012 - 2014 we worked with groups of women in South West England and internationally on skype to explore the energy flows and functional framework of the TreeSisters Map of 5 Choices. The astonishing logic and messages of the Map emerged through women's bodies and we discovered that we had a tool that was literally teaching us. It has become our primary change tool and operating system, underpinning every aspect of TreeSisters as we strive to create something that reestablishes balance. We also worked with a pilot group of 16 women in Bristol to co-create the first experiential set of empowerment materials (The Deepening) and won a Lottery Grant for their development. For six months the Map was also piloted as a dance form in a monthly class.


We finally achieved charitable status after quite the grueling process discovering how to do anything that served 'women.' We also launched our first crowdfunding campaign to try to fund the early development of the charity, and called in over 500 men and women to donate monthly purely for organisational support. Many of our early funders are still with us now.


The first simple web site was launched to coincide with the Women on Fire Conference (and Clare's first public speaking experience ) - much like holding up a sail to see if anyone else resonated and would come. They did, and without any basic infrastructure, funding or much team in place, we suddenly set sail.


While the concept was still brewing, a limited company called TreeSisters was registered by co-founders Bernadette Ryder and Clare Dubois (then Dakin). We knew what was needed, we had little idea how we would do it - but we knew we needed to start somewhere to make things real.


A car crash (on ice, into a tree) heralded the full download of the TreeSisters mission, spirit, name, function and form into Clare, who sat on it for nine months before saying YES.


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