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By partnering with TreeSisters, you join us in our mission to work in harmony with trees and communities for them to survive and thrive. 


Business Meeting

TreeSisters is proud to have some incredible Partnerships that have embedded nature into their business and culture. Businesses can play a huge role in shaping a thriving future for all beings on Earth. By partnering with TreeSisters, businesses have chosen to make nature their business and give back to the planet.

Women planting in a field

TreeSisters is committed to long-term change. We provide funding for reforestation to non-governmental organisations and local and indigenous communities. We have a particular focus on community and women-led initiatives and projects held by, run by, or supporting indigenous groups with nature at their core.

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Our strength lies not only in our words but in the actions of our initiatives.

TreeSisters understands that we can overcome our challenges much more efficiently by working with like-minded organisations, NGOs and Foundations. Together we strive to make a positive change in all of our pursuits.

A group holding tree samplings


We are so much more than funding trees. TreeSisters is unique in our grassroots, ethical, holistic and community-focused approach towards reforestation. Not only that, but we attempt to tackle the root cause of climate destruction and champion a social movement educating and inspiring everyone to reconnect and live more harmoniously with the natural world. 

TreeSisters' reforestation and green cover work are led by both environmental impacts and the needs of the communities. We offer a carefully selected and well-vetted holistic portfolio supporting planting across ten locations, with a strong focus on working with local and indigenous communities to support their needs. This means you can be proud to partner with an ethically driven organisation with tree planting, restoration, education and women's empowerment embedded into its core.


TreeSisters is not a carbon-offsetting organisation, and our projects do not offer carbon certification.

We see carbon offsetting as only one facet of the complex climate ecosystem. Focusing on offsets reduces the real focus away from the trees and their communities. 

Landscape Image by Mike Pellinni


Sedahan Jaya residents who are active in reforestation activities


Image by Helena Lopes


Women and child with seedling in Madagascar


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