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How Your Mangrove Trees are Saving Lives and Landscapes

In our Madagascar mangrove tree-planting project, the trees that you are funding are helping to both restore the landscape as well as create new opportunities for enslaved villagers.

Our tree-planting partners on the ground, Eden Reforestation projects, are one of the world's most powerful and effective reforestation initiatives.

They recently planted their 100 millionth tree. They are also deeply skilled at merging social and ecological healing because the two go together when it's done right. Eden, do it right.

In Madagascar, whole villages are enslaved to 'fish barons' - boat and net owners who loan out their vessels for a specific yield, which, if not met, places their fishers in debt permanently. This enslavement comes with various horrors, including child slavery and abuse of women.

Eden Reforestation projects work with the community and employ them to plant, tend and protect the mangrove saplings on large tracts of village land.

Over half of their employees are women (60-70%) who are able to get out of debt thanks to this project, as well as send their kids to school and start their micro-enterprises.

How many reforestation organisations can also say that they turn the enslaved into the foresters of our world? Whole villages at a time.

On top of this, the mangroves make the air healthier and stop the earth from bleeding into the sea by preventing soil erosion, sequestering carbon, and providing a habitat for endangered fish species.

Thank you for making this all possible with your generous contributions.

Image Courtesy of Eden Reforestation Projects


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