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May Newsletter

Ethical, Community and Nature-Led Restoration

Much like the blooming flowers and budding trees, it is an exciting time of growth and direction here at TreeSisters! This month, we have so much to share with you, from a new women-led planting project in Uganda to an updated Restoration Strategy and a shiny new website. There is also still time to support our Earth Day Step Out for Nature Campaign by donating and supporting others taking part. This 14-day challenge aims to kick-start everyone's connection with nature while raising vital funds for ethical, community and nature-led restoration. Thank you for your incredible support so far and for being part of this ongoing journey and evolution to live our values and best support the future of our planet.

Latest from TreeSisters

New Collaborative, Women-led Restoration Project in Uganda

“When the community heard of this project, all the people were very happy and very excited... They believed that the environment would be protected." - Masika Margret, Chair, AWEI

TreeSisters is delighted to announce a new collaborative planting project with our longstanding partner, the International Tree Foundation (ITF), and local partner, Alpha Women Empowerment Initiative (AWEI). This project will directly benefit 600 women and girls, increase climate resilience and promote gender equality and leadership in landscape restoration and natural resource management in Western Uganda. AWEI Volunteer, Masika Elda explains more about the project in the video above.

There's Still Time to Give Back to Nature this Earth Day

We're halfway through our 14-day Step Out for Nature challengedesigned to get you moving, connect with your environment and raise funds for nature-led restoration.We're so grateful to everyone who has participated, fundraised, shared photos or used our #StepOutForNature hashtag.

Remember you don't need to be taking part to give back. You can support others taking part by donating through the link. All the funds raised will go directly toward ethical, community-led, women and nature-centred planting projects. So please, give what you can and join our nature revolution.

TreeSisters’ New Restoration Strategy

TreeSisters has been supporting reforestation projects for over ten years. Along the way, we have gained a wealth of experience working with numerous planting partners, experts, allies and Original Peoples. Yet what we have heard from those replanting, managing and protecting forests has often been at odds with the wider reforestation sector. The resulting strategy intends to rebalance power dynamics, support connections with nature and value the knowledge of those working directly with the natural environment they inhabit.

...And New Website

Speaking of new, we are delighted to share our brand-spanking new website! We hope the site's easy-to-navigate design better showcases the fantastic work of our Restoration Projects and how you can support and show up for nature every day. We have new photographs, bite-sized facts, and details about your donations' real-world impacts! We hope you love it and it equips you with all the information you need to join our mission to work in harmony with trees and their communities for the planet to survive and thrive. Check it out!

Green Cover & Planting Projects

Spotlight on... Mount Kenya

These East African montane forests are now classified as critically endangered with extinction; without them, Kenya would become a desert. Your donations support this project to restore and reforest a vital water catchment area that contributes to 40% of Kenya's water supply and gathers communities to rehabilitate their forests and agricultural lands. Our collaborative and participatory approach seeks to improve community nutrition and health and increase household savings and income. The project has engaged over 1800 community members in rehabilitation work with a 53% female workforce. Our amazing partner, the International Tree Foundation (ITF) shared this camera trap footage of an elephant herd returning to the area last year.

Blog: New Women-Led Project in Uganda & Major Step Forward in TreeSisters' Restoration Strategy

Tree Partnerships Manager Madeleine shares her excitement about TreeSisters new co-creative endeavour with our longstanding partner, the International Tree Foundation (ITF), and local partner, Alpha Women Empowerment Initiative (AWEI). Based in the Kasese region of Uganda, this project is a powerful example of locally-led reforestation with women’s empowerment at its core and a big step forward in TreeSisters Restoration Strategy.

"It also allows us to put into practice our commitment to rebalancing power dynamics by developing a collaborative, side-by-side partnership that honours and centres the local organisation that conceived the project for the benefit of the communities it serves."

Events & Offerings

Our new series of Full Moon Meditations - Landscape of the Senses, continues on Wednesday, the 3rd of May, with 'Sound'. Join us as we slow down, quieten the mind and sink deeply into the multiple layers of sound. What does it mean to refine and clarify our ability to listen completely?This 6-month series of live meditations and co-creative poetry practices aims to deepen our feelings of belonging and restore our ecological identity, i.e. how we are part of and connect with the natural world.

Remember, you can join us in our private TreeSisters Community Branch on Facebook! Get all the TreeSisters news first and be part of a growing movement leading the revolution for nature. This is an inclusive space for you to share information, imagery, learn and support one another in our journey toward restoration and reconnection with our natural world. Only by coming together can we be the change, inspire others, and make the necessary shift from consumer to restorer.

Did you know? By supporting TreeSisters, you help restore the world's tropical forests. Your donation supports our entire portfolio of planting partners and projects re-establishing the diverse forest ecosystems, protecting multiple critically endangered species, reducing poverty and mitigating climate change. Find out more about our work.

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