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Sital Punja FRSA


Sital Punja FRSA joined TreeSisters in May 2022 as a Trustee and was elected Chair in September 2022. Sital is a local councillor, owns her own dressmaking business where she has been at the forefront of sustainable fashion and champions environmental programs in her local community, from protecting local woods to preventing planning on covenanted land. Sital is an award-winning social entrepreneur who believes in women's empowerment and the balance of feminine and masculine energy to bring harmony in all aspects of life, from personal to business.


Sital enjoys writing poetry, cooking "fancy" meals, as her children call them and her daily walks in her local woods.

Photo of Sital Punja FRSA
Photo of Jennifer Comeau

Jennifer Comeau


Jennifer is the Founder of Sanctuary at Sunrise Hill, a retreat space in Maine offering coaching and workshops on climate buoyancy and adaptation, as well as embodied personal leadership in support of a more beautiful, just, and biodiverse world. An Earth Ally and certified Forest Therapy Guide, Jennifer's personal mission is to inspire humans to remember and restore our sacred partnership with the more-than-human world.


Jennifer is an ambassador for Climate Change & Consciousness, an international inner-climate-healing to the outer-voice-lifting organization. She partners as a facilitator for OzGREEN, an award-winning non-profit bringing YOUth LEADing The World programs to Australia, Africa, America and India. Possessing 30+ years of experience in corporates as an engineer, program manager, and high-stakes facilitator, Jennifer's deep expertise in implementing strategic initiatives for Fortune 500 non-profits, federal agencies, and private companies derives from her career as a Worldwide Quality Director and IT Programs Executive. Nature is Jennifer's creative muse, inspiring two albums of original music, poetry, essays, a novel, motivational speeches, and storytelling.

María Inés Miranda


As a forester and entrepreneur, I have carried out almost all the activities relevant to FSC, including environmental, social (including gender and indigenous peoples) and economic aspects. I have worked with all scales of organisations ranging from mega-corporations to smallholders.

I have been working towards sustainable development for more than 20 years. I am interested in social innovation and creative processes integrating art and design to improve the world and its inequalities and respecting the rights of people and the environment. I am a founding partner of SSC-AMERICAS, Viteca and Fair Wood Connection, the first sawmill operating with an inclusive business model, using the market force as a tool to maintain the native forests and alleviate the poverty.

More recently, through WISE WOMEN CHILE venture, we address gender inequality in the forestry sector by developing strategies and practices of equity and reconciliation within the organizations. In addition, through the WISE Women Network, we have developed the SISTERHOOD program, which seeks to connect rural and urban women leaders so that, through an accompanying process, they can find a solution to a specific problem at the local level, thus generating a bank of "Innovations of women to combat climate change”.

Picture of Maria-ines Miranda
Andy Murray  photo.jpg

Andy Murray


Andy is an AAT & ICB qualified Accounting professional.  He has over 10 years of related experience gained within industry and not-for-profit sectors.  This experience has predominantly been gained with SME’s but also larger overseas corporations.


Andy is a huge advocate for the Accounting profession and supports students in his spare time as a mentor, he is also involved in his local branch network which is part of his Accounting professional body. 


Andy is passionate for raising awareness for Mental Health and wellbeing, both within the workplace and local community.   Away from his day job and other professional commitments Andy enjoys getting outside, walking and exploring new places (UK & abroad).  


Walking, reading and trying new things all feature in his downtime. He feels connected to nature by getting out and walking - with or without our family dogs.  You really can’t beat a good walk to clear your head, fresh air does wonders for your wellbeing!

Zac Rowe


Zac is a practising solicitor with broad experience providing commercial and legal advice to the businesses and charities he works with.

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Sedahan Jaya residents who are active in reforestation activities


Architectual Dome


Father with his Son


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