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Suzi Steer

Learning and Engagement Manager: Research and Relationships

Suzi is responsible for Education and Alliances through the TreeSisters network. Suzi has 20 years of experience in work focused on care for the environment and communities. She is mother, an ex-secondary school teacher of mathematics and the Founder of the Tree Conference.

Her work is rooted in a deep love for the conscious intelligence of all beings of Earth and the specific needs of trees for their long term care and protection. Suzi facilitates relationships with Original Peoples and Nations, community organisations, tree oriented NGOs, international environmental coalitions and governance fora. Collaboratively developing our ability to serve eco-cultural restoration in landscapes.

Suzi Steer

I feel we are Nature. Everyone and everything around me are beings of Nature. That feels most alive and at peace when I am with trees, plant, waters and sleeping children. I love the sunlight through leaves, refracting through water, the angles of sunlight in the ends of day and the stars at night.

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