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Miriam Conesa Holmeide


Head of Business Partners

Miriam joined TreeSisters in October 2022 to head up its business partners arm. She brings 5 years experience in relationship management and business development with institutional clients, 3 year long exploration of the Empowered Feminine and training in Gestalt Psychotherapy. Her role entails developing relationships with businesses, to help create a more equitable, peaceful, loving world through reminding us of our humanity, interdependence and connection with the Earth.

She is an advocate for following our cyclical nature and cultivating our inner landscape in order to be of service to our world from a place of love. She loves to sing, dance and yoga in her free time.

Miriam Conesa Holmeide

I am always connected to nature and deepen that connection by being outside with trees and appreciating their tremendous timeless wisdom and beauty.

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