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Madeleine Scordellis

Restoration Partnerships Manager

Madeleine energises the role of Tree Partnerships Manager at TreeSisters, managing the relationships with the green cover restoration projects we support, as well as weaving the green cover work with all the other facets of TreeSisters’ work. She brings 7 years’ experience working in environmental project management in Bolivia, combined with 6 years’ personal development as a sacred feminine healer and experience working on the frontline with women in recovery from severe trauma.

She is passionate about supporting people to connect with the wisdom of the Earth and is deeply committed to restoring harmonious relationship between all natural beings.

Madeleine Scordellis

To connect with nature, I like to walk barefoot on the Earth and feel my interconnection with all living beings, as well as connecting with trees and plants for guidance and energetic support. I also love singing with the elements as a way of accessing my deeper knowing.

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