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Abi Denyer-Bewick


Learning and Engagement Facilitator

Abi joined TreeSisters in 2019 as Groves Manager and is currently responsible for the monthly Full Moon Gatherings and Moments to Nourish meditations.

She brings her embodied intuitive wisdom to her work with people. Abi has dedicated her career to healing work and skilfully weaves many threads into her approach, including the Menstrual Medicine Circle, Body Poem, Scaravelli Yoga and Functional Medicine. She holds ceremonial space in relation to grief and intimacy and offers work around sacred kink, consent, safety and touch. Abi has been a Grove Tender since 2017 and is deeply nourished by gathering and restoring the lost stories of what it is to be alive in a cyclical body.

Abi Denyer-Bewick

I begin my day in the sea at dawn, tracing first light around the seasonal changes of the year, this supports me to know my own cyclical nature and have a deep appreciation of change, pacing and life unfolding in its own perfect timing. I know I am nature living in resonance with the seasons and shifts.

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