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Tune into Nature this holiday season

The holiday season has arrived, and for many of you, this will mean ceremony and celebration with friends and family. Many traditional holidays at this time of year have their roots in Nature's cycles. Unfortunately, these links to Nature can sometimes become lost as a capitalist-focused approach creeps into our holiday practices.

This year, we invite you to bring a little more Nature back into your holiday traditions with our top tips for a sustainable, Nature-filled holiday season.

Get outside.

The evenings might be darker and the temperatures cooler, but Nature is still out there waiting to greet you. Make sure you include a Nature walk in your celebrations this holiday season. Take time to tune into the signs of winter and notice the quiet activity all around you. Nature may be more peaceful this time of year, but she's certainly not sleeping.

If you're a night owl, an evening of stargazing is the perfect holiday activity. The Geminid meteor shower will be lighting up skies through much of December. Find a clear night away from street lights, get cosy with a hot water bottle and a warm drink and watch as Nature puts on her fantastic light show.

Invite Nature in.

Some holiday practices bring Nature into the home at this time of year. If you plan to decorate with natural items, make foraging for decorations a part of your holiday traditions. Pinecones, twigs and green foliage are all fantastic natural items to decorate your home with. Just be sure only to take what you need and leave plenty behind for wildlife.

You may bring a tree into your home for the holiday period. This year, why not try a small potted tree that can stay with your family and grow with your traditions each year? Caring for and connecting with your tree throughout the seasons and bringing it indoors each holiday season is a great way to stay in touch with Nature.

Connect with Nature's cycles.

Food can be a great way to connect with Nature. If you are planning a meal or feast as part of your holiday celebrations, be sure to include seasonal produce in your recipes. Lots of traditional holiday dishes use seasonal fruits and vegetables. Go one step further and support Nature by choosing locally grown, organic produce where you can.

If you want to connect with the seasons, the moon and like-minded people this holiday season, join us for our full moon meditation. Our next full moon meditation is on 24th January 2024; you can sign up here.

Give back to Nature.

Is gift-giving part of your holiday traditions? If so, don't forget to include Nature on your gift list. There are many simple ways to give back to Nature throughout the holidays, such as making bird feeders while prepping your feast and ensuring there is a freshwater source in your garden on icy mornings.

When giving holiday gifts to friends and family, choose gifts that support Nature. Give native wildflower seeds, bird feeders or a donation to TreeSisters as an alternative gift that supports Nature.

Close the holidays with Nature.

When the holiday season draws to a close, remember to close the celebration with Nature in mind. Food scraps can be composted to create lovely nutrient-rich soil for the next growing season. Any natural decorations can be repurposed into a bug hotel or dead hedge habitat for wildlife. Remember to recycle anything that cannot be repurposed and continue to connect with Nature for seasons to come.

Happy holidays from everyone at TreeSisters!


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