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Embracing Life through the Forests and the Feminine

This is a call to everyone who is feeling the profound need to take action in the face of the growing political and environmental crescendo unfolding around us.

Nature and women are the life givers on Earth, and yet environmental and women's causes currently receive less than 4% of global giving. A radical re-evaluation is needed; lead by strategic philanthropists willing to help shift the paradigm from the inside out. It's time to reinstate the Feminine.


Your Invitation

Welcome to the next stage of TreeSisters' evolution as we lay our path to planeting one billion trees per year and reach out to find the visionary individuals who are ready to help us achieve this.

Momentum is growing: 2017 has already seen the world's women leading the largest global demonstrations ever recorded as the longing for balance, harmony, gender equality, inclusivity and Earth Justice finally flickers from flame to wildfire. Now is the time to catch the wave.

We are launching our campaign to reach one billion trees per year - and we need your help to do so.

In order to grow our infrastructure and launch our biggest campaign ever, we are seeking to raise $1million (£750k) over the next 12 months, and calling in half within the next three months for our major campaign to launch in the autumn of this year. $260K has come in.

On this page you will see the science and the solution that trees represent, where we've got to, where we're going to, our current planting partners and the documentation that we have prepared for you (see Our Invitation).  

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TreeSisters exists to call forth the brilliance and generosity of women everywhere and channel it towards tropical reforestation.

This video from our current Billion Trees Campaign, a goal that we will reach when 2 million treesisters have joined us. To do this, we need to grow the organisational infrastructure and team alongside the campaign.

We're building a circle of sacred stewardship this year, creating a global community of Strategic Philanthropists to help us achieve this goal. 

We are looking for individuals who are looking for a practical project with heart, soul and personal meaning - who want to be part of this culture and climate shifting work that will impact future generations in measurable and unmeasurable ways. At whatever level of giving resonates with your heart, we would love to invite you to see yourself within this circle that stewards in the next chapter of TreeSisters, for women and the earth.

We have a beautiful short film of our planting work in Kenya that's just been made, and would love for you to experience the women and land who are part of our projects: 



 path to billion trees

Case-for-Support-Preview-ImageDeeper Listening...

If you want to learn more about our campaign, strategy, and goals, here's some information for you to download and sink into. Simply click on the image to access the downloadable PDF or click the button below:

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 5.37.15 PM

Does this speak to you?

Both men and women are stepping in along side us to answer their own longing to steward and protect this world. From our hearts we ask you please to step in and help us realize this dream on behalf of the trees.

How to step in

We gratefully welcome contributions at any level because every amount helps, and all of our giving matters.


Ways to give:

Please click the button below, where you will be re-directed to our instruction page.





I want to ask questions about making a gift:

If you are considering a substantial gift and you have questions, please email our Founder Clare Dubois (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), or Philanthropy Director Jocelyn Anderson (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) who will be happy to speak with you.

Letter from TreeSisters' Chairwoman of the Board


Leslie Danziger

The opportunity we humbly bring to you, is to participate in enabling the blossoming of the Sacred Feminine in the form of a growing global sisterhood of devoted women who are committed to making donations each month to reforest the tropics for the benefit of all humankind.

These devoted women are stepping forward in sisterhood to lead the way to make it normal for all people – women and men – to regularly give back to the Earth in gratitude for the Life she gives us.

By participating in funding the TreeSisters' "Million Trees per Month" campaign, you are gifting thousands of women with the opportunity to know about and join the sisterhood and serve the Earth and humankind in this way. You are enabling the feminine force of "giving back" to the Earth, to be unleashed on a greater scale.

If you are moved to serve Life in this way, if your feminine heart is saying "yes", please step forward and join us in this sacred mission of "giving back" to restore our planet for future generations.

- TreeSisters Chairwoman, Leslie Danziger

Timeline of TreeSisters Achievements & Plans

1. Winter and Spring of 2016 - launched Indiegogo campaign and successfully reached funding goal. Also, did planning for fall "Million Trees per Year" Campaign for launch along with new website in the fall of 2016

2. Summer and Fall 2016 - using Indiegogo funds, Campaign and website were successfully launched and "Million Trees per Year" goals reached

3. Fall 2016 and Winter 2017 - CEO and Board transition successfully completed guided by the Founder. Also, team has been expanded with CFO, Reforestation Director, and Philanthropy Advisor in preparation for taking sisterhood to scale in the fall of 2017. All these positions are held by well qualified women who have previously been volunteers in their area or part-time staff. 2017-2018 Strategic Goals, Budget, Timelines prepared and approved by the Board.

4. Spring 2017 (now) - Launch of the Fundraising Campaign to fund the fall 2017 launch of the "Million Trees per Month" Campaign. Also, team optimizes the planning and early implementation of the fall launch plans.

The Science and Solution

Successful-tree-in-the-forestFast growing tropical trees sequester carbon three times as fast as temperate trees.

Atmospheric carbon levels over 400ppm now point beyond two degrees of warming to colossal sea level rise. By two degrees, we're told that the rainforests will have burnt and the ice caps melted, profoundly altering both oceanic and meteorological currents, causing a severe water scarcity and food production crisis. Carbon sequestration (to slow warming) is now a global imperative.

The tropical forest belt is crucial to the planetary hydrological cycle (rain creation and transport), planetary cooling transpiration, and harmonisation and balancing of our weather patterns. It is also where the planet's poorest now face the greatest climate extremes of drought - the negative effects of which are significantly reduced by increased forest cover.

Tropical reforestation is one of the most multi-faceted positive solutions to climate change that we have, which is why we need to rapidly scale up awareness, collective responsibility and action to normalize giving back through trees. This is what TreeSisters is for.

"Scientifically, practically, and emotionally, the work and purpose of TreeSisters is one of, if not the most, significant initiatives that can be undertaken by humankind to address the future of civilization. The world's greatest land-based stores of carbon reside between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn in the form of forests. Their restoration is critical to reverse climate change and create a humane and liveable future. Can women accomplish something that has failed governments and agencies for decades? I not only think so—I believe it may be the only way it can be accomplished."  ~  Paul Hawken, author of Blessed Unrest and Project Drawdown

Happy-Eden-GirlAbout our Planting Projects:


In Brazil, farming and development has stripped and fragmented the forest to 7% of its original scale. Where we're planting it's down to 3%, but still it is home to jaguar, ocelots (small wild cats), puma, the endangered black lion, tamarin monkey and over 100 species of trees - including three on the red list. Your trees will help endangered jaguars to re-populate by giving them a safe place to live. Our planting partners WeForest have already set up seven Jaguar Conservation Units.


In Kenya, one of the countries most affected by deforestation in Africa, your trees will help to conserve Kenya's highland forests, which are known as 'Water Towers' for the vital role they play in conserving the country's rivers, lakes and drinking water. Women involved in these planting projects are also trained by the International Tree Foundation in new business development skills and forest friendly income generating activities, such as bee keeping, aimed at conservation of the forest and creation of stable income streams. 


Your trees are helping women get out of debt and poverty, because of the tree planting they are doing with The Eden Projects. This means that their children are able to receive an education, and some women are able to save up and start their own mico-businesses, too. The mangrove trees being planted are powerful carbon sequesters, soil stabilizers and tidal buffer zones as sea levels rise and storms intensify, preventing yet more precious top soil from eroding into the oceans. These 'sea trees' also provide nursery habitat for countess species of fish that provide income and food for the desperately poor communities that Eden serve.


After the Tsunami that devastated coastal communities on Tamil Nadu in 2004, a tree planting movement began. We have partnered with Project GreenHands to support the education of farmers to turn towards agro-forestry - were trees become an integral 'crop' in a poly-culture approach combining animals, crops and trees. In temperatures regularly over 40 degrees where rains fail and earth literally becomes as hard as concrete, trees provide shade, soil fertility, and moisture. This is vital to farmers and their crops of seeds, nuts, fruit, medicines, herbicides, oils and more.

This year as part of our expansion we'll be taking on between 4-6 new reforestation projects throughout the tropics to increase the reach of our impact.

Image credit: Eden Reforestation Projects



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