Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

We envision a world in which it is normal for everyone to protect and restore our planet.

Our Mission

To rapidly accelerate tropical reforestation by inspiring and channeling women's nature-based feminine leadership into local and global action.

Our Strategic Objectives

1. Build a global network of treesisters

2. Inspire and support feminine leadership through shifting consciousness

3. Raise and channel funding into tropical reforestation and protection

4. Develop partnerships to accelerate reforestation

5. Become sector leaders in global reforestation and feminine leadership

Our Work

Inner Work

We develop new resources, tools, courses, virtual events, materials and opportunities for women to explore and experience their deeper nature as part of nature, to tap a state of being out of which new solutions and actions arise. We call this Feminine Nature Based Leadership.






Outer Work


We grow, diversify, support and inspire the global sisterhood to take ownership of our shared mission and co-create solutions

We create campaigns, messaging and events to support the normalisation of everyone giving funds for trees every month

We partner with exemplary, existing tropical reforestation organisations and we channel the funds we raise through treesisters to them, specifically for tree planting

When we have hit 1 million trees per month being planted we will start exploring the unification of the reforestation sector and co-creation of the 'meta-map' - the quantifiable pathway to tropical reforestation through whole planet collective responsibility

Our Values

We are committed to holding ourselves firmly within a shared set of values and intentions that embody our vision and mission while also honouring the life force, gifts, and instincts of our entire team.

We want to 'be the invitation' we are sending out, which means embodying our vision and mission in very practical ways as individual team members and as an organization. Our values literally underpin the Map of 5 Choices.

Map of 5 Choices

Humility (Consideration) ~ We choose to wake up and get real about how things really are, both in our own lives and in the greater world. Facing the truth, dealing with what is, and no longer looking away.

Humility is the strength of the servant leader who listens deeply to how things are in the system (the feminine principle) in order to make choices and take actions that respect, respond to and protect life appropriately (the masculine principle). We seek to embody a balance of both principles in how we operate.

Unity (Encouragement) ~ We choose co-creation over solo experience and sisterhood (the shared field of transparency and trust) as the ground from which we grow the organization and call each other into our most authentic selves on behalf of Earth. We seek to discover how unity opens greater dimensions of wisdom, intelligence, creativity and self discovery.

Connection (Intimacy) ~ We choose to really feel how things are – to experience our bodies as part of nature as we learn how to listen to and embody our wholeness, wildness and natural flow.

Right Action (Responsibility) ~ We choose to take action from a place of deep listening through heart and body, so that our actions serve connection and we operate in ways that bring heart, mind, body and world into balance and well-being.

Service (Courage) ~ We choose to give of our hearts, passions, creativity and gifts in ways that grow ourselves and each other in our collective awakening and service on behalf of life and the natural world.


Our Culture

TreeSisters is a paradigm shifting, highly experimental, social and behaviour change initiative that seeks to model change from the inside out. Each day – no matter how imperfectly – we seek to create an organizational culture in which we listen to life, cooperate with emergence, step out of the paradigm of pushing and force, and follow the wisdom of Nature's cyclical rhythms.

With the TreeSisters' Map of 5 Choices as our guide, we place the restoration of life and our capacity to learn - through and from inner and outer nature - right at the centre of everything we do.

This is why we have created an organisational flow of activities that runs with the solar cycle; so that our work directly relates to the seasonal flow and its inherent support for specific activities. We also craft our weekly team planning around the lunar cycle, so that our way of working deepens connection to our cyclical nature instead of severing it.

Seasonal Organisational Flow


Our change tool puts life at the center of the Map.

This indicates the choice to work 'with' Life's energies, rather than over-ride or dominate.

To do this we are bringing operations into the flow of the seasons so that our outer activities folow the life cycle, and strengthen our connection to Nature.

Our Legal Charitable Objects

1. Increasing Green Cover: To promote for the benefit of the public the conservation protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment by promoting biological diversity through increased green cover

2. Education and Women's Leadership: To advance the education of the public in the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment, in particular but not exclusively by the provision of training and support to encourage leadership and participation in the work of the charity and environmental protection in general, with a particular focus on women

TreeSisters is a UK Registered Charity No. 1149961





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