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Dangerous flooding in the Amazon, impacting our family at Yorenka Tasorentsi.

Our brothers and sisters at Yorenka Tasorentsi and the Ashaninka people are again dealing with the impacts of climate change.  Following last year's fires in September, they now face the threat of river flooding, jeopardising both their lives and livelihoods. As the floods escalate rapidly, our plea has shifted from wishing for rain to extinguish fires to now urging for a slowdown in rainfall, so that the rivers can find space for the water again.

We invite you to join us in sending love, and supporting their endeavors to restore their forests.

(C) Yorenka Tasorentsi Institute, Instagram.

Why does reforestation play a crucial role in mitigating flood risk?

When rain falls on a thriving forest, the trees and the dense forest floor effectively retain the water. The leaves absorb moisture, and what reaches the ground is absorbed like a sponge. In an undisturbed forest, less than 10% of the rainfall flows over the ground and directly into the river.

However, when trees are absent, and the forest floor is disrupted or exposed, the roots and soil layers lose their ability to hold water. Instead, it rushes swiftly over bare land towards the rivers. The gathered water gains momentum along its course, surpassing the river's capacity. This excess water spills over the riverbanks, inundating the surrounding areas.

In the face of a changing climate induced by deforestation, intense rainfall is becoming more frequent, heightening the risk of perilous flooding. That's why we stand with Yorenka Tasorentsi and the Ashaninka in their efforts to reforest their land—planting trees and reestablishing roots to transform the soil into a resilient sponge once again.

We are sending love and blessings to everyone at Yorenka Tasorentsi and the people of Acre.

Learn more about our restoration work in Brazil with partners Aquaverde.


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