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Vicki-BurkeVicki Burke

Keys to the Golden City

I am a musician, author and a sound healer with my harp. Music was always at the heart of my work and when I became a healer, working with sound and vibration was a natural progression. I started life as a saxophonist but the harp called to me and I feel it takes my songs, meditations and healing to really deep, beautiful place.


logo Vicki Burke


Why did your business come into being?

I was invited as a harpist to accompany a year-long astrological course which delved into the idea of living astrology. I learned how each month of the year offers its own wisdom and personal reflections which we can learn from with each turn of the Earth. After the first weekend in Aries I was inspired to write a short story. As we reached the half-way point, and we were shown a map that linked the 12 months to the 12 stages of the lifetime journey. This struck a chord in me and I started creating a talk with song which I performed to the group at the end of the year. A year later it was suggested I wrote all my personal stories of synchronicity into a book. It has been a beautiful journey and its creation has enriched my life hugely in so many ways.

Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

I finally joined TreeSisters (a year or so after I discovered them) in November 2017 and it brought my life to point where I knew something had to change in me. I discovered in 2011 that my astrological Sabian symbol was "Summons, a girl blowing a bugle". At first I thought that was about my spiritual teaching through my music, words and healing. But TreeSisters showed me it was time to step up. I realised I could no longer just do my work from or for myself but that community has work for us to fulfil. TreeSisters showed me how the Earth is calling us to stand up for what is right and no more hiding in the shadows.

CD-Case-Vicki Burke

The CD and book can be purchased on her website at:



Asa LarssonÅsa Larsson

Singing our Planet Green

I'm a musician, working in different fields. Swedish folk music, the ancient art of kulning, leading choirs, composing music, playing and teaching the piano, organ, flute, harp, guitar is all part of my way of life and business.

Women's Virtual Choir explores different ways to turn music into trees. Our first project resulted in a choir happening where the audience was invited to make a donation.


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Why did your Virtual Choir come into being?

Last fall, while traveling through TreeSisters inner journey to awakening, I had a dream where I saw women around the world singing together. It was such a detailed, beautiful dream and I didn't know how to make it happen but I knew I should try. I created Women's Virtual Choir which is an online choir experiment to try out different ways to gather women to sing together and how singing can be used to create a greener planet.

Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

In this age of consumerism I think we lost something. The feeling of connectedness, of being part of a whole. Giving back to earth by planting trees fills that missing part in me. And when feeling connected, I see how my gifts can benefit the world which gives me courage to keep exploring different ways of giving back. It's like an ecosystem of giving and receiving.

Lisa 2018 1Lisa Marie Haley

Body and Soul Apothecary

I am a healer and a teacher. I host healing gatherings for the local community/Bay Area. I am also a Grove Tender for Tree Sisters and host gatherings for our group. I now offer music and ingestible essence of the Northern California Redwood Tree. (This is a new offering for me as a Water Carrier! I am thrilled as I am just starting to record music of plants... and what you hear is literally 100% the vibration and communication of the Redwood Tree :)


body and soul logo 2017



 Body and Soul Apothecary

Redwood Tree music and Essence


How your event/business came into being?

I've been an energy healer for many years, and its been a very beautiful and organic growth process for me and my business. I've followed to call of what comes through me and what is needed by our planet.

Why is giving to TreeSisters Important to you?

I am thrilled to be a part fo this organization, as it is such perfect timing for women to be gathering on behalf of trees and healing our planet.




Tikal Sermet Music Healing WCTikal Nagal Emilie Sermet
Tikal Sekmet & Anantaboga Bodysoul

Being born in Indonesia's capital 

city, local traditional massages and ceremonial music or devotional song were part of their upbringing, growing up in Jakarta for twenty years has gifted Tikal with a Javanese inspired intuitive bodywork and a natural flow with pentatonic scales. Having received diverse and regular bodywork for two decades, the sessions are a fusion of thoughtfully crafted methods based in personal experience and combining technique with soul and most of all with heart. In the Javanese mythology, the World Serpent Dragon Anantaboga is a spirit helping to tune into the life force within: the Tree of Life. This Anantaboga winged serpent archetype exists within and outside of time. With binaural music, intuitive singing and deep meditation Tikal keeps unveiling the exquisite eternal aspects of the One and pays attention to the antipode of the palpable, the numinous, rebelliously slipping through grasping fingers and bending one's mind profoundly as it seeks for its truth and its challengers. 

Through Music or Massage Tikal helps people to be active in their own journey and take power in their own healing, Through a simple observatory meditation of the sensations in the body and through prayer emerges an endless learning, a mindful exploration and a sensual dance with Source Creation which is a relationship invoking a deeper attunement to the act of listening, communicating and responding to life. Tikal offers lengthy deep oil massages and runs intuitive singing circles for small and large groups, as well as offers house blessings and sound journeys. More on the Sabda (intuitive singing meditation circles) on the website.

All concerts in Australia will donate 20% of profits. All intuitive singing circles in Melbourne will donate 20% of profits.

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Anantaboga BodySoul






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