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Jamie Ben Global LivingJamie Ben Jackson

Global Living Properties

Our business is newly formed this year and our mission statement is to provide high-quality living accommodation that people will love, with superb tenant relations. Obviously, housing is a necessity in the world we live in, but it is not always of a good standard. We have been shocked by the standard of some of the houses we have looked around, which have been rented out and had people living in them in a very poor state. We want to provide much-needed housing of a good quality that people can enjoy living in. We also want to ensure that we carry out recommended alterations during refurbishment to improve the energy efficiency of our properties, also by speaking with the local council and the energy saving advice service.

Apparently, the current housing stock accounts for 40% of the UK's carbon emissions and houses within the private rented sector do tend to be less efficient - and so we feel this is somewhere we can make a difference, even if it is little by little. We have just had offers accepted on our first 2 houses and will start renovations this year. We have also said that for every house we acquire we will physically plant 2 trees in a memorial woods we are setting up in memory of our father/husband (which ideally we hope to set up at some stage as a charitable business – which we will call Tree Spirit - offering yoga retreats and sacred space).


Logo Jamie Ben Global Living Properties



What inspired you to start your business?

The business came into being after the sad death of my father at the beginning of the year. It's a business idea one of my brothers and I had discussed with our dad and after his passing we decided that we would still go ahead with setting up the business, and my mum (who is a passionate treesister) decided that she also wanted to be involved along with my other brother and a friend of the family.


Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

Giving to TreeSisters is important to us because we recognise the necessity of looking after the world we live in. Reducing and mitigating our carbon footprint is therefore of great importance. We want to give something back to the earth, which provides so much for us in terms of sustenance, beauty, and wonder. This has never been so important in human history as now - we are reaching a tipping point, but we can still take action to do something about it. Our mum keeps us up to date with the amazing work TreeSisters are doing and we all (not just our mum) can see that TreeSisters is more than a charity, it is a movement, and we therefore see supporting tree sisters as one of those actions. Our father died of a lung disease and this is another reason why trees, the lungs of the earth, are important to us.



Internet Connectivity 


Jame Eggleston Pulp and Mettle

James Eggleston

Pulp and Mettle

I'm in the midst of starting my business, called Pulp & Mettle. We help professionals and creatives increase their engagement experience by adding internet-connectivity to their physical mediums. For example, by using NFC (near field communication) or QR, we help musicians share music with users' smartphones in a contact-less way.


Pulp and mettle

We plan to donate a certain dollar amount of our profits to Treesisters to plant trees based on our monthly sales forecasts.

What inspired you to start your business?

I wanted to make a mixtape for a girl I was dating, but couldn't because I didn't have the technology to do it anymore. Sending a spotify playlist lost the fun and authenticity of it. That's when I decide to research ways to leverage the physical experience that we're all nostalgic about, while using the means by how we listen; on our smart phones.

Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

There are 7.6 billion people in the world, and we're all consumers. I think that the future of the world lies within sustainability and a connection with our environment and communities; they're all interwoven. The mission of Treesisters is one that supports our future and can easily partner with the emergence of social capitalism.


Job Board

Job Hivery Lori WallaceLori Wallace

Job Hivery

Job Hivery is a job board that nurtures connection. I am bringing the feminine principle to a traditionally automated and cold system that tragically sucks the joy right out of people's lives when they are most vulnerable (in search of a job). My hope is to reclaim this meeting place and infuse it with nurturance, support and loving care. Our first job hive will be devoted to Pharmacy in California. If there is a positive response to the offering, we plan to extend into other niche areas within healthcare.

logo Job Hivery Lori


What inspired you to start your business?

Job Hivery is birthing from my permanent placement recruiting business called igMedical, which I launched in 2005 in an effort to transform traditional "head hunting" into "human connection". It's time for the feminine to bring heartfulness back to all of our commercial spaces. And recruiting is one area that has an edge of exploitation to it, so it is an ideal place for me to plant my seed of compassion and watch it grow!

Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

For love of life. TreeSisters, with its twin tree vision of awakening women and reforesting the tropics, is THE answer to what ails our world. I'm all in!

JobHivery LoriWallace site
50 trees are planted for every job posted!



Leadership Empowerment


Elizabeth SolisElizabeth Soltis

Bridges Global

Elizabeth Soltis is the founder and director of Bridges Global, a social enterprise that supports leaders and teams to do and be their best. She waters the seeds of empowered leadership within all. As a possibility thinker and change-maker, Elizabeth is passionate about the art of healthy relationship-building, with self, others and the earth. Breaking walls and building bridges lies at the heart of this effort. Her purpose is fostering inner growth and outer service so as to catalyze positive transformation and community building.

For over twenty years, Elizabeth has contributed to all sectors as an organizational development practitioner. She develops leadership and collaboration skills while facilitating game-changing partnerships. While serving in all five continents, Elizabeth has coached multi-stakeholder teams to enhance capacity, further results and deepen impact on issues related to climate change, gender equality, poverty reduction and business goal achievement. For the past decade, Elizabeth has trained/facilitated diverse United Nations teams around the world to strengthen their processes of learning, change and effectiveness. Elizabeth loves facilitating groups in unleashing creative potential. As a space-holder, she sees the magic of people moving through resistance, expanding perspective, exploring innovative ideas and becoming fully expressed. In particular, she enjoys working with teams on complex, strategic issues, shifting from breakdowns to breakthroughs.

ElizabethSoltis WaterCarrierElizabeth's service in the world revolves around the art of healthy relationship-building. This translates into learning programs that have empowerment, leadership and/or collaboration at its core. As an organizational development consultant, group facilitator and leadership coach, Elizabeth supports processes that enable people to thrive in the workplace. As a social change architect, she also designs and facilitates community development projects with other stakeholders. Elizabeth's work inspires leaders and teams to unleash their potential and achieve extraordinary results. Elizabeth will be donating a varying percentage of business net profits to TreeSisters on a quarterly basis.



Recruitment Services



Kate EvansKate Evans

Graduate Planet

Graduate Planet CIC is the UK's first social enterprise recruitment agency with a clear social & environmental mission, reinvesting it's profit into combating climate change through tree and conservation planting, environmental education to children and adults and renewable energy facilitation. We reinvest the placement fees into environmental sustainability projects in our clients local area, this helps to create an awareness of climate change and offers businesses the opportunity to get involved in solving these issues. Our projects include tree planting, the creation of green spaces, energy efficiency workshops in schools and fuel poverty areas, the insulation of community buildings, the support of recycling initiatives and we teach children aged 5 - 18 about climate change, renewable energy innovations and potential environmental career opportunities.

Kate Evans Graduate Planet

How did Graduate Planet come into being?

Kate Evans - Founder of Graduate Planet wanted to use her 23 years of recruitment experience to help protect the environment and combat climate change. She created the UK's first social enterprise recruitment agency which reinvests the money it generates through the recruitment process into local environmental initiatives to protect and sustain the environment and create a sustainable future. We are now working with many corporate businesses and charities to improve environmental awareness and education, provide support to local charities and the community as well as facilitating a broad range of environmental projects to help create a sustainable future.

Why is donating to TreeSisters important to you?

Graduate Planet is all about trees, we do facilitate other environmental projects but we are passionate about trees and everything they do and stand for. TreeSisters embodies the attitude we should all have towards our environment and offers a solid opportunity to evolve and move forward.





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