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Rina GolanRina Golan

Well Being with Rina Golan

My name is Rina Golan. I am a yogini, traveller, mentor and for the last two decades – a student of what wellbeing means – exploring perspectives from ancient philosophy to scientific approaches.

I run seasonal Yoga, Cleanse and holistic lifestyle retreats and mentor privately.

At the heart of my work, food, yoga and practices that allow you to uncover and fully live your innate potential.

For you, your community and ultimately, our planet.


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I will donate a percent from my retreats.



How did your business come into being?

I'm the classical, archetypal story of the wounded healer- I wanted to create a space that people can deeply care for themselves first and in that nourishing, gentle space to realise that the only way to experience deep satisfaction is by connecting back to the earth, the nourish back the mighty nurturer.

Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

I have to pay back for all the I receive daily from the earth.




Allison Price InnerWiseWomen RetreatsAllison Price
Inner Wild Women

We offer women a chance to experience the state of being rather than the continual demands of busy. Moving from the daily routine and working from 'our head space' into the 'heart' allows us to re-centre and pamper our inner being.

InnerWildWomenLogo Allison PriceWe would like to donate a monthly amount that can grow as we do. We are a young group but would love to support treesisters however we can.

WC Claudia Spahr Holy Mama RetreatsClaudia Spahr

HolyMama hosts retreats in Ibiza and other magical places on the planet. These retreats are safe, sacred spaces for women and children. In this supportive environment women easily align with their true essence as creative, powerful beings. Using yoga as a pathway to embody, nature for grounding, nourishing foods in order to feel vibrant HolyMama creates a unique 'love field' for retreat participants. HolyMama retreats are for nurturing the relationship to yourself, your child and each other as women. HolyMama was founded by Claudia Spahr, an author, facilitator, sacred space holder and nature priestess. Claudia hugs trees regularly and in places where the veil is thinner she receives direct transmissions from tree trunk to third eye.


WC Holy Mama Claudia Spahr

We donate 10 Euros on behalf of each client and then ask them to double, triple or add what they can to that amount.









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