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KnowlsonsPaula and Dan Knowlson

Elements for Life

In a nutshell, Elements for Life make an award-winning range of raw chocolate products, all free from dairy, gluten, soya and refined sugars. With nothing artificial and packed full of goodness our products are suitable for vegans, diabetics, lactose intolerance and coeliacs. And of course anyone who loves great tastes you can enjoy without the guilt.



Elements for life logohttps://www.elementsforlife.co.uk



How did your business get started?

That's probably best described on this page https://www.elementsforlife.co.uk/pages/our-story

Basically, we're both on a journey of healing and self-development, through which we discovered raw chocolate. From their cacao worked its magic and our lives have never been the same.

Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

Minimising our impact on Earth has been central to our business since the start. We've always been using recycled/recyclable/degradable materials where possible.

Partnering with TreeSisters and donating a percent of revenue from Yummy Scrummy sales is the next step to us taking a more active part in being the change, helping to bring about a shift in our world.

Most of the ingredients we use in our products come from tropical trees, so helping to re-forest is important. So is helping communities to flourish, empowering women and children

yummy-scrummy-900web-v2 2048xOur best selling product is Yummy Scrummy, a raw chocolate brownie (elementsforlife.co.uk/yummy) and we'd like to donate 5p from the sale of every brownie to TreeSisters.



LuLuHealingSQ WC ArtLulu Boyadjian
Lulu's Heart Centered Healing

Lulu is a freelancer playing in the light and shadows, colouring a path of heart centered joY and mAgIC, walking between worlds, listening, creating and sharing from that place of intuitive creativity and trauma informed practice.

Lulu is a qualified Colour Mirror , EFT & TBT Practitioner with diplomas in Community Services & Alcohol & Other Drugs, as well as certificates in Therapeutic Skills, Fairyology & Flower Therapy. Lulu is a Mixed Medium Artist and applies a range of colourful and supportive energy healing modalities to support group and individual needs.

Lulu Healing LogoLulus's offering is to donate all proceeds raised from the making of dolls or artworks made specifically for the Treesisters cause, as well as a percentage of funds raised from creative workshops where the theme is based on building connection or reconnecting with Gaia.



Jeanette Lloyd Fiber artist

Jeannette Lloyd

Fiber Artist

Jeannette Lloyd is a fiber artist, quilt artist and dollmaker. Jeannette's art quilts reflect her love of our natural world evoking a sense of spirituality, peace and tranquility that she finds only in nature.

Her work focuses on capturing the natural world and moments in time, whether it's portraiture, lifestyle imagery, or just the most perfect light in landscapes through fiber art and mixed media.


Jeanette Lloyd logo






How did your business get started?

When Jeannette was young, she loved the rolling hills of Virginia with beautiful forests of hardwood trees. While other children were out playing all the usual games, Jeannette was seeking out the wild places, communing with nature. Her love of trees, Mother Earth and nature plays a tremendous part in her creativity through her deep connections with our planet and wildlife. Jeannette's skill and passion for sewing came from her grandmother and her awe of the beauty of nature, began from gazing into her mother's lovely flower gardens. Jeannette opened her soul to a desire and purpose to create art that invokes the beauty of nature, and to spark a connection in others to feel that beauty that we need to protect and love. Jeannette enjoys teaching others to quilt, make dolls, and infusing people with the contagious desire to create from within. Jeannette holds workshops and small classes and enjoys the bonds created by gathering together in a circle of sharing and encouragement.


Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

I feel it is so important to be able to give back and help in the reforestation of our beautiful planet. I am currently a treesister and take part in the generous and loving sisterhood that supports and nourishes all women.


Finished Triptych Jeanette Lloyd
Here are some gorgeous samples of the lovely fiber art.





Pauline Lifelong Yarns

Pauline McPherson

Lifelong Yarns

Lifelong Yarns creates luxury yarn from the fleece of the Scottish Blackface sheep. This is the most common sheep in the UK and yet its fleece has been overlooked as a fibre for clothing ourselves. Instead it generates little value on the open market. Shepherds make a loss on every fleece shorn and instead must raise all their income from selling sheep for meat.

Lifelong Yarns proves that the fleece of the Scottish Blackface makes wonderful yarn, which can be used to create warm, long-lasting garments. These can replace the plastic-based synthetic fleece garments which are ubiquitous in our society and whose plastic particles are now known to pollute our seas and land. We pay farmers 10x the market rate for their fleece, our logo is 'Good for the knitter, good for the shepherd, good for the Earth.'


Pauline Lifelong yarns






How did your business get started?

Launched in 2017, Lifelong Yarns came into being as a response to the increasing evidence of the harm being caused by our 'fast fashion' consumerist lifestyle in the West. I have been a lifelong knitter, but was confused as to why the fleece of our local sheep, the Scottish Blackface was not used more in our garment industry. I discovered that their had been a collective memory loss about the value of this natural resource which had been overlooked since the creation in the 1970s of oil-based synthetic garments. It was time to rediscover this resource, boost the value of the fleece, recompense hill-farmers and create garments which , while lasting a long time, could be placed on the compost heap at the end of their natural life to create new soil.


Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

Because time is running out. Because I wanted to be a restorer of Earth , a creator of soil, rather than a destructor. My clients are overwhelmingly women, who craft with their hands. Donating to a female led organisation , which tends to the health of the land is entirely appropriate from a business funded by women who appreciate the fruits of the land.

Lifelong Yarns sampleA sample of mini-skeins this beautiful yarn is Handspun light DK mini-skeins. Great for colour work, for Granny squares, for sampling our yarns, or just for when you don't need a full 100g skein.






Leah Schroeder

Leah Schroeder

Galatic Butterfly Creations

I create original artwork-paintings, healing crystal macramé and wire wrapping jewelry, and custom tie dye t-shirts. I have been a creatress all my life, but only within the last few months did I find it inside my self to dig past all the illusions and insecurities and stories others had told me and that I'd told myself that kept me from freely and truly allowing my expressions of self to shine and pursuing this passion. I sell original paintings, custom tie dye shirts with hand drawn designs, and handmade hemp chord/macramé jewelry with healing crystals. 

Galatic Butterfly Creations Leah Schroeder





How did your business come into being?

For as long as I can remember art has been a big part of who I am, and in the last year after graduating college it has been tugging at my heart very strongly. I began focusing a lot more on my creative outlets with the energy that had been poured into studying for the last 18 years of my life and among many things, art brings me home, stills my mind, transmutes my emotions and makes me feel limitless. I slowly started sharing my art more and selling my pieces in July 2017 because of the incredible connections and inspiring energy exchanges I felt when sharing my art and I felt a call to spread light, peaceful energy and consciousness to heal ourselves and the planet through creative expressions of my soul.

Why is donating to TreeSisters important to you?

Again, for as long as I can remember, being in nature and especially with the trees has been my home, my refuge and my fairytale land. As I learn more and more about the ways in which humanity has disrespected and violated Mother Earth and awaken to how interconnected every little seed and action and all beings are to one another I know in my heart that giving back to our planet and helping raise awareness of the urgency to do so is part of what I need to do in this life. I felt a huge sense of joy and a coming home when I discovered Tree Sisters a year and a half ago and then when I joined the pollinator grove for the Billion Trees Campaign, as here was almost everything I felt my soul being called toward wrapped up in one cause! Healing and empowering the Feminine, creative, nurturing energy within all of humanity, lead by women, and together creating that mycelium web is so vital in these times and I am honored to contribute what I can through what I love doing.


Katerina MiddlePathSoaperyKaterina Qabaha

Middle Path Soapery

Inspired by local knowledge and traditional remedies, Middle Path Soapery creates the highest quality handcrafted soaps to provide you with a natural and ethical alternative for your daily cleansing ritual.

Formulated with our unique blend of nourishing plant oils, herbs and essential oils, all our soaps are free of artificial additives, colours and fragrance.



Email at: katerina @middlepathsoapery.co.uk

How did your business come into being?

I combined my love of art and natural ethical products to start a business from my London home.

Believing that a business should not be run without consideration for the environmental and social issues, I make sure that my company benefits the Earth and the less fortunate people in the local community.

I test all recipes and formulations personally and on my family. I want to ensure the best for my family and to share this excellence with my customers.

Why is donating to TreeSisters important to you?

Since I started planning my little business I knew I wanted to incorporate something to pay back to the Earth. I decided that I would like to donate towards planting trees. I love the message of Tree sisters that combines care of the environment and empowering women.

GentleSoap MiddlePathExtra Gentle Soap: This soap is loaded with unrefined organic shea butter, cocoa butter and avocado oil. This is the perfect soap for sensitive skin and gentle care.

Just one of the many lovely soaps for sale  on her website.


IlluminatingBliis Oak Votive holderSarah White
Illuminating Bliss

I am a painter and crafter, with a very small artist collaborative community. At this point, I have mostly been giving away or donating my products.

I enjoy making jewelry, ceramics, and working with glass. I also paint murals on consignment and am beginning to dabble in teas and herbal mixtures. I have a webpage, and a Facebook page that are basically for artists to collaborate.



IlluminatingBliss logoI have just recently started to list my products on Etsy. I would be pleased to donate 10% of any sales.



Top photo Lovely Mighty Oak Ceramic Votive holder.
Bottom photo Repurposed Wine Bottle serving Trays.

Both available on her website!



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