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Maria Cronje Small TracksMaria Cronje

Small Tracks

I am an architect, nomad, traveler, artist and writer. Small Tracks is a platform with a dual purpose: firstly it is a place where I share what inspires me and raise awareness about reconnecting to our environment in an authentic way. It is also the platform where I share art and projects that I conceptualise and realise in collaboration with other artists.


Logo Maria Crone


How did you get into writing and why is it important to you?

I've always had a passion for stories, and after a few years in the design industry I realised that a corporate environment is not healthy for my physical or mental wellbeing. I quit my full time job to become a writer about 18 months ago and am still in the process of making it income sustainable.

Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

TreeSisters is the only charity whose method and philosophy I consider to be in line with my own values, being life-orientated and focusing on feminine empowerment and reforestation.






Z ASH TREE MANDALA VanessaVanessa Becker-Hughes

Image Mandala Tree Cards

We make eco-friendly photographic mandala cards.


This mandala is a sample card and if you look closesly you'll see it's a tree canopy!



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How did your business come into being?

We wanted to raise the profile of ecological matters and promote recycled card.

Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

I am a tree sister and love what you do. You have inspired me so much.



Shen OraceCardsShen Chökyi


Returntotheway has two main strands, 'Lightworks' being illuminated art inspired by the world's wisdom traditions and 'Zhouyi Oracle' being a creative exploration of the I Ching, or Book of Changes, the world's oldest and most revered oracle.




shen logo

I'm giving a percentage of all sales of I Ching/Zhouyi Oracle fine art prints and card decks to Treesisters.

How did your business come into being?

For a long time, I've been fascinated by how both the Zhouyi Oracle and art can be a bridge to spirit and to a deeper oneness with all things.

Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

I believe that one of the single most worthwhile things we can do to help our flowering earth and all her beings regain harmony once more is to plant, nurture and honour trees.



WC Cards Lisa Estabrook SoulflowerLisa Estabrook


Soulflower is my heART based business with products that I hope will support and inspire connection to ourselves and our planet through the power of art and flowers. Flower Power!

As we learn more about ourselves, as we come home to our personal truths, as we empower ourselves, the effects not only ripple out through our personal lives, but also extend to our families, our communities and ultimately to the Earth herself. What I love about my Soulflower business is that it is an external manifestation of my inner spiritual work and growth. It is my heARTswork. I am sharing my journey as I learn and grow along with nature.

As my understanding of the flowers, and the interconnectivity of all of nature deepens, so does my understanding of myself. Understanding myself is empowerment. My logo is a Dandelion seed, as it is my wish to sow seeds of empowerment. Through my art, my words, my actions, I hope to inspire and empower others to realize the power of their own hearts to lead their way.

Lisa Estabrook Soulflower card logo

How did your business come into being?

After a long detour seeking validation and guidance from external sources I finally realized, through the wisdom of my physical symptoms, and the healing power of the plants and flowers that grow in my gardens and the woods around my home, that the only way to fulfilment, happiness and healing, was to follow my own internal guidance, to follow my heart.

The creation of the Soulflower Plant Spirit Oracle deck was my two year journey of self-empowerment and healing, and it's creation helped me realize that I was not a victim of my own life... I was not even broken. In fact the truth is I have everything I need to be happy, to be whole.

No one is immune to troubles, to pain, to suffering but we all are capable of creating joy and peace and navigating our individual lives with fierce grace. This is my work help others see their power to do just that!

Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

To me, TreeSisters is directly helping to heal the Earth through reforestation programs but more importantly through supporting and empowering women to connect with their hearts, to each other, and to the Earth we call home, to lead the way.

Soulflower Cards Lisa Estabrook

To purchase the Oracle deck that receives a TreeSister donation please click here.








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