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WC Energy Healing andNature WalksPhotography by Artist Partner Janet Gupta Pancho


Viviann Bentley2Vivianne Bentley 

Integrative Psychologist and Coach

I am an Integrative Psychologist and Coach offering a holistic approach to emotional wellbeing and health. I specialise in somatic and bodycentred psychotherapy offering a safe space in which women can explore limiting beliefs and emotions which they feel holds them back from showing up as their most vibrant and creative selves.



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vivianne.bentley@ sympatico.ca 


How did your business get started?

Connecting to my own true nature has been my path for the last 25 years. I became especially interested in exploring how trauma and unresolved emotions can block us from our innate body intelligence and flow. I have come to understand through my own spiritual and empowerment journey that the essence of my work is to assist women (and some men) to uncover and fiercely embody the truth of who they are.


What does TreeSisters mean to me?

I have always loved nature however it was not until I became part of the Treesisters community that I was able to truly feel myself connected to the natural world and understand my place in it. I love this organization and all that it is doing for women and the trees.. Being able to contribute and be a part of this community is a privilege and a calling.


Deborah Buggman SQDeborah Bugmann

Body Impulse in Lyss, Switzerland ~ Chinese and Relaxing Massage

My healing services include: the Chinese massage Tuina TCM, Chinese nutrition, Thai-Massage, foot- reflex- massage, Indonesian massage, Tibetan Energetic massage, manual therapy, Asian lymph-massage, and relaxing massages.

Please look up Body Impulse in Lyss, Switzerland to inquire about services.

What inspired you to go into business with massage services?

I grew up free and in nature and I always just did what I wanted. As soon as I recognize what I want, I am unstoppable even if it seems impossible. The difficult part for me was to find out what I wanted to do exactly. I just had the idea of living in service for people and to take care of their health and do something with my hands. It took me 10 years. As I found the school for Tuina, the traditional Chinese massage, I started the school and at the same time quit my job and opened up my own studio with no money in my acount or any degree in massage. The school took me 6 years and was very expensive, but I did it. And now as of August, I have worked as a masseuse for 13 years. To celebrate this together with my clients, I want to show my gratitude for my beautiful life and become a WaterCarrier.

Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

I love this planet and all human beings on it. I want us to have a future. I have no kids, but I consider all life as "my children", the ones I want to live in service for.


Ruthe WaterCarrierRuthe Schoder-Ehri

Homeopathy for All Beings

Ruthe has been grounded in elemental energies since her birth and early childhood in Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks, USA. She recognized the form of her current path of healing service after raising three sons and being a Registered Nurse for women and families for 35 years. She trained from her small Alaskan hometown as a Classical Homeopath with The School of Homeopathy, Devon through their excellent distance course. She earned her P.D.Hom.(UK)credential in 2001.

Her work since then has taken her into the exciting realm of World Medicine, and she volunteered in Chintheche Malawi for many months in 2012-13 and 2013-14 where she co-founded the Africa Malaria Prevention Project, AMPP, using a recent type of homeopathic remedies called PC resonances. (see ARHF.nl) Ruthe continues her learning as part of a community of homeopaths who co-create and offer healing resonances to contribute to global healing.


Find her at : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via her FaceBook page

How did your business get started?

I followed my heart after being an RN serving women and children for 35 years and became a credential classical homeopath​. I found a way to do this from my small Alaskan town through a global distance learning program, (The School of Homeopathy, Devon, England) Most homeopaths have private practices. My man-love built on to our home and I turned on my porch light and hung out my shingle and offered sliding-fee services to my small community.

​Following a move to a very different landscape just north of Mexico, I continued a small practice but found myself called in my post-graduate work and again from my heart into global homeopathy.​ With lots of support I joined Amma Resonance Healing Foundation as a volunteer homeopath and spent three months, then five months in Chintheche, Malawi. I co-founded the Africa Malaria Prevention Project which now prevents and treats malaria in several countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. It's all volunteer led now. I also serve globally with a group of colleagues. We use classical pharmacy methods to create new homeopathic remedies like Forgiveness, Cancer Healing Angel, and one I call "Black Snake Stay in the Ground".

​Now that I am a passionate Tree Sister, I can trace:

I know this place of Reveal. I knew in childhood that I was a global being and connected to the natural world. Now I have words for this caring deeply. It was revealed to me that I was to become a homeopath, then I was to serve in Malawi. What's next? Show me.

I Embrace, finding the loving community and connection to nature to follow those knowings . I must trust all that I did not know and do not know, feeling guided and supported.

I Embody. ,more and more all the time, knowing my woman-nature and cherishing women and the entire life-cycle, falling in love with the moon.... spending enough time in silence to hear the still small voice and resting when I need to rest.

​I Activate, acting from my passions and leadings inside myself --in my artwork and in my community service, in the variety and fullness of follow-through and speaking out and acting up! I even sing.

I Shine as grandmother now. I beam to know that my love and efforts have borne fruit, and I can happily tell of my path and gifts in order to encourage and sustain others, especially the young ones following us. I am far from done with the ways I am to be in this New Earth, in this Great Turning).

Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

Giving to Tree Sisters as a volunteer and by donating all or part of the money that I receive when someone pays me for homeopathic care for themselves or their family or pet is my joy. TreeSisters calls for us to follow this Inner Journey of Awakening. As I awaken, I give back. I invite any TreeSisters to consider a homeopathic consultation as a way towards fullness of health and as a way to support our wonderful organization.


Emma Money-KyrleEmma Money-Kyrle 

Qigong at the Sunhouse

I am a Qigong teacher and massage therapist offering treatments in Shiatsu and meridian massage and weekly Qigong classes. I am greatly inspired by the earth energies to help us foster a greater connection with our natural environment so that we can get back in touch with our innate strength and energy leaving us feeling happy and healthy and in harmony with the world around us. Please visit us at:


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How I got into Shiatsu and Qigong and why it is important to me...

Before I discovered shiatsu I worked as a landscape architect with my own personal mantra of wanting " to plant more trees and make the world a greener place" I gradually became more and more disillusioned as my work was mostly involved in building road schemes, whenever the budget was cut the first thing to suffer was the trees. I felt disempowered by the political environment and became pretty lost and in need of a new direction. Shiatsu transformed my life it helped to reconnect me back to myself and to the world around me. At the heart of Qigong and Shiatsu is the tai chi symbol which sees all of life as part of the whole, this symbol dissolves the idea of our separation from our environment. it is a symbol of existence and the process of creation. It holds a reminder of the very best that each of us can create, for ourselves and for the world. Now it is time to give back to the world.

I have always loved being outdoors being immersed in nature and the elements. One of my great passions is surfing and for me qigong gives me the same feeling of flow, of connection to the universe as when Im surfing that perfect wave, in that moment the wave and I are the same, every drop of the ocean is connected to every cell in my body I am inseparable from the wave. Qigong is for me about being in this flow that perfect moment when all else disappears.


What does TreeSisters mean to me?

Treesisters woke me up! I've been in the process of awakening for a while but when I connected with the TreeSisters Billion Trees campaign there was a sudden deepening of awareness of the vital need for a massive shift in the way we all relate to the world so that we can activate and bring about change. I felt a huge wave of relief knowing treesisters existed and that this change was a possibility. I feel passionate about the need to give back to the earth and to look after our planet. My love for the trees has always guided me in life. I am incredibly grateful to treesisters for giving me direction and guiding me back on course.

Money-Kyrie Moon Chart

I love making my annual moon chart showing the phases of the moon.


I feel honoured to donate 20% of my income from my Qigong classes and workshops and from the sale of my annual WISDOM MOON CHART (sample shown to the left). 

IAMTS HildurHildur Palsdottir

Sol Center

Sol Center is a holistic wellness hub of light. From soul to soil we're building a vibrant community of earth protectors and already feeling the healing benefit of belonging. We offer mindfulness meditation, Reiki, Qi Gong, acupuncture and herbal remedies to return earthlings to wholeness. In collaboration with the Port Washington Monarch Alliance, the Rewild Initiative and local non-profit Full STEAMM ahead we lead weekly nature appreciation walks in and around Port Washington. Holistic wellness is dependent on deepening our connection to the natural world. Realizing we're inseparable from the natural world is the first step in healing.

HildurPas logo

If you're looking for a TreeSister grove on Long Island (LIRR: 40 minutes away from Penn Station, NYC), we host montly meetings at Sol Center.

More information https://www.facebook.com/groups/Greenheartsgrow/

How did your business begin?

The seeds were planted in spring of 2017. This business was conceived through sistering. Soulstorming with healer and published poet Adina Dabija and wild child artist Antonia Fthenakis (https://www.wildchildorganicartist.com/) we birthed this baby into being at Harvest time in September 2017. We are now ready to return profit to water the roots of what matters the world to us: Global reforestation.

Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

TreeSisters are near and dear to my heart. I've actively volunteered with Treesisters for many years already and watched them grow from a million trees to the billion tree campaign. Conscious consumerism is the only responsible way to go if we're to hope for a sustainable future. The only way forward is to restore and repair where we can. TreeSisters offer a new way, the way of Restorer Culture. It starts with reforesting the tropics.


MarionRose QiGongMarian Rose

Tao Treasures

Tao Treasures is about women reclaiming guardianship of our bodies, remembering we have the power to enhance our own health & wellbeing, and empowering ourselves to step into and enjoy the lives we came here to lead.

Logo For Marion Rose

How did your business get started?

Burning myself out was the catalyst for me becoming a traditional acupuncturist - then discovering the women's practises of the Universal Healing Tao helped me regain my health and confidence & inspired me to want to share these practises with more women.

Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

Trees are one of my greatest passions! I connect daily with trees in my Qi Gong practise and walk daily through the forests near my home. They are my grounding guides and constant friends. And....there is infinite power & potential when sisterhood joins.


Logo-Adriana Schweiger 2Adriana Schweiger 

Naturopath, Physiotherapist, Shamanic Healing Work

I work as a healer and medicine woman in the north of Germany. My intention is to encourage and empower people, so that they trust themselves and live their full potential. I offer shamanic healing, sweatlodges, rituals and coaching with the game of transformation for personal development on all levels. Giving shiatsu treatments people relax, become aware of themselves and receive stillness, vitality and joy to deal with challenges of their life.


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How did your business or event come into being?

Since my childhood I feel like a part of nature and connected to the higher power and spirit. During my first sweatlodge I felt coming home. Inspired and encouraged by my time living in the Findhorn Foundation Community in Scotland I started to invite circles of people to celebrate summer and winter solstice, for drumming, sweatlodges and the game of transformation.

What does donating to TreeSisters mean to me?

Healing myself and people is healing the earth, healing the earth is healing people. I love mother earth and want to give back. I also feel now it's time to act and support the earth. I feel close to the mission and vision of treesisters by restoring the earth on all levels and strengthen sisterhood and feminine leadership. I talk about treesisters with others and I´m happy to serve.


Outside of the sweatlodge with traditional pipes used in the ceremony.

WC EH Barbara Sinclair 400Barbara Sinclair

Barbara Sinclair Holistic Health & Healing

Barbara has been an artist for as long as she can remember, but her life took a turn at age 48 when she began a journey with holistic health to cure a debilitating case of fibromyalgia. Eight years later she was healed and went on to study Ayurveda and energy medicine, both ancient systems of mind, body, and spirit, with deep connections to Nature, where her heart truly lies. Today, she works with others to help them heal their wounds using Mother Earth as her guide. Her heart sings when among the trees!

Barbara is donating 11% of all sales from cards and prints on her website, as well as from Ayurvedic consultations and energy healing sessions.





Eimear Stassin

Eimear Stassin

Soul Based Coaching

I help groups and individuals tap into their innate superpowers, so that you can be your creative and authentic self. I work in a way that is very experiential using FUN-damental and innovative methods.

I coach people using Clean Language and Metaphors, to find their unique superpowers and step into their authentic selves. Whether they're at a crossroads in their career / life; whether they're stuck in some way and just know, hear that whisper, that there's more. There's more that wants to be listened to and explored.

Stassin Logo


How did your business begin?

I was doing a lot of self development over the past few years to compliment my Corporate Training Job. One of my Leadership metaphors was being a Dolphin. Playful, wise and working in pods! I had just delivered a training session. I stepped out of the training room, and, as I walked down the corridor, I realised that this Dolphin Leader no longer had water to swim in! That was the start of realising that I could step out of Corporate and develop my Training and Coaching business MY WAY; sustainably in a way that nourishes me as much as my clients. So I started in business in May 2017 with no plan other than wanting to create a clearing in the dense forest of my life :).

Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

I totally believe in all that you do. I want to help nourish and save this planet, in a way that empowers women around the globe. This is a way for me to give back all that TreeSisters has given me this far.


Eimear Training


See testimonial videos are her training on her website!




WC Energy Healing TreechildTreechild

Honour The Earth, Earthsong Natural Healing

Treechild is the land steward for Honour The Earth, a Women's Non-Profit in Nova Scotia. She has been creating space for women to connect with the wilderness since 1996. Having received Reiki in The Usui Shiki Ryoho system in 1982 and become a Reiki Master in 1985, she teaches Reiki Healing and offers We Are Precious Workshops. Having healed from Environmental Sensitivities, she has made a life commitment to living gently on the earth. She has been living according to the feminine principal and creating women's community for decades and being a part of Treesisters is an essential part of her life path.

Reiki Healing Classes via Virtual Connection, Reiki Healing Individual Sessions, We Are Precious: One on one Inner Child Work: Free Introduction (http://weareprecious.weebly.com) and Astrology Readings.

Treechild LogoTreechild will be gifting 25% of the proceeds from these workshops in service to Treesisters.





Carly Slade SQCarly Slade

Moon Forest Flow
~ Embodying Nature's Cycles

Moon Forest Flow is run by yoga teacher, rewilding advocate and women's circle facilitator Carly Slade. Based out of a caravan in the English countryside Moon Forest Flow is an intuitive, feminine and environmentally aware approach to yoga and women's circles that seeks to reawaken the primal knowledge of fluid power, deep rest and the importance of living in tune with our inner rhythms and the rhythms of nature.

Moon Forest Flow promotes the rewilding of human nature and the embodiment of our cyclical wisdom through honouring and celebrating the phases of the moon, the seasons and cycles of nature and the flow of all life. We retreat to the moon lodge, delve into the forest and surrender to the flow to reconnect to the simplicity of a wilder life and find sacred soulfulness in every moment.





What inspired you to start your business?

Yoga, nature and women's circles have helped me to heal from trauma, recover from addiction and eating disorders and continue to support me in learning how to open my heart and live in my body. I found yoga at 17 but fell off the wagon at 19 and at 26 after a year of sobriety heard my calling loud and clear whilst sat at the top of a mountain. I knew I wanted to share the life changing combination of yoga, nature and sisterhood with others. What began as yoga in nature soon broke its banks and flowed effortlessly into our current offering; the combining of yoga, nidra, nature, women's circles, menstruality and ritual for the purpose of rediscovering and harnessing our cyclical nature and inner wildness.

Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

TreeSisters stand for everything I believe in and are actively taking a stand for the forest. I feel so grateful to be able to contribute to reforestation and the upliftment and support of women worldwide.

InBodyYogaAronAron Stein

InBody Yoga

We have an LLC as well as a Non profit to provide mindfulness, yoga teacher training and yoga therapy training to educate highly skilled mindful and globally conscious instructor. We also provide scholarships to women in need. Our outreach program works with many treatment and rehabilitation centers through-out the state through our volunteer program.

InBody Yoga Logo


How did your business begin?

D'ana Baptiste our founder envisoned a place of higher education mindfulnes and yoga training for all to support these practice for all. We continue this belief that we can change the world through a change in consciousness one person at a time.

Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

We are so inspired by what you do and believe that trees are in a sense not just the heart of the earth but the nervous system as well. Changing our environment is connected to changing our consciousness. Our upper level therapy program is called Ela, which means earth in sanskrit.


Yoga Training InBody

Yoga participants enjoying an InBody Yoga class.


HannahS Yoga SQ

Hanna Stephenson

Enlightened Body

One on one yoga teaching, and personal training, as well as larger classes and workshops based around full embodiment- a lot of women's empowerment work. Also, reiki/massage, guided meditations and ThetaHealing modalities for deeper sessions.



HannahS Yoga LogoI will donate 20% of all proceeds from classes and workshops, as well as one-on-one sessions (depending on whether the client is happy to do this) to Treesisters.org.





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