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LunaWave Womb Awakening

Her whole life has been the preparation for this sacred calling to help women recognize, access, and activate the power of their wombs, awakening and celebrating their true femininity. 20 years ago she was in the pit of despair, longing for the satisfaction of sustained intimate relationship, ecologically balanced community, and professional alignment with her soul purpose. With fierce devotion to transforming all of humanity to live according to the principles of deep ecology, she started at the core of her own ecology, her womb, and now teaches women how to do the same.

I will donate 10% of all purchases of my online workshops and one to one coaching services made by fellow Treesisters. I also offer a monthly discount for Treesisters matching their monthly donation to Treesisters. This applies to all workshops, services, and products listed on my website, on my Facebook page, and in my Facebook group.

Sama Luna Wave Womb Awakening



How did your business begin?

My business got started many years ago in my 20's when I realized that taking care of my body and health was my number one priority fresh out of college. I witnessed so many people, especially women, neglecting their physical, emotional, and spiritual health in order to persue social status, power, and prosperity, only to find they couldn't enjoy their success. This led me to go to massage school to learn how to heal my already chronic body pain. In my early 30's I began to recognize the centrality of my womb in this healing journey and focused my studies and professional development on healing approaches that also recognized this. Now this focus on the womb has become even more of a central focus in my work as I have learned that most ailments can be traced to our time in our mother's womb as well as addressed with through the process of awakening our womb's power to generate new life and vital energy.

Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

I am passionate about supporting Treesisters because of the connection I feel between our wombs and Mother Earth. How we treat our wombs and how we treat Mother Earth are inseperable. Restoring Mother Earth is a crucial endeavor that goes hand in hand with restoring our femine power. Treesisters is founded upon this union between women's empowerment and Earth's restoration.



Rec School

Alexandra Pope & Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer
Red School

Red School offers a radical new approach to women's leadership, creativity and spiritual life based on a uniquely feminine way – the menstrual cycle.





RedSchool Logo Pope and SjaneWe are donating all profit from our Menstrual Cycle Awareness eBook sales





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