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Sabrina Carpenter HeadshotSabrina Carpenter

Wylde by Nature

We are a Small Batch, Eco-Conscious, Plant Based women's underwear company located in Southern California. Inspired by The Seas, The Bees and The Trees for Plant Lovers and The Hippies at Heart.

More extensively and what SETS US APART from other organic underwear companies is our hand dying processes with all Natural Plant Dyes that are tested for light and colorfastness. Do not confuse our processes with fruit and vegetable dyes. Natural Plant Dyes are a renewable source and most can be disposed of back into the garden or into the compost bin reducing waste. We hand dye small batches of finished products to create a truly ONE OF A KIND piece that can not be repeated.


Wylde by


How did your business come into being?

When I became a mom I started looking into clothing and fabric choices for my children that were a cleaner option for their sensitive skin and decided to offer a similar product for mothers everywhere to give them a comfortable option that makes them look cute, be stylish and feel good about what they are putting on their bodies.

Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

Being a mother, matriarch and plant lover I have a passion for ecology. I was born and raised near the ocean and my love for community and giving back to our amazing mother nature is a key component in my daily life and I would love to support the ecology and community efforts that Tree Sisters provides.


These hand dyed one of a kind natural plant dyed women's underwear are available on the website!


iMa Wild LeggingsiMa James Klco

Wildlife Leggings

My name is iMa (eemah) and I am so grateful for this amazing life that is filled with the rich connectedness, stunning beauty and outrageous sensuality of this magnificent planet. So much so that the overwhelming drive to give back has led me to passionately fundraise and raise awareness for the profundity of tree planting for the past 8 years.

Ima Klco Logo

I am deeply honored and brimming with excitement to become a part of the TreeSisters movement and community. Please visit at:

Why did you start your Wild Leggings business?

I decided to apply creativity to something practical in order to create
walking reminders of nature and fun 
conversation strikers. Please check out Wild Life Leggings – nature inspired super durable and comfortable play leggings for the wild in you. These are made for adventurous women. And can be worn anywhere. I am so thrilled to connect with women who are charged to restore the earth. Thank you!

Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

The opportunity to give monthly to TreeSisters means the world to me. I have promoted and raised funds for various tree planting organizations over the years and TreeSisters is the first non-profit that not only effectively plants trees but also encourages a shift in consciousness through a multitude of community driven content rooted in the principles of the feminine. It's the 'whole package' that my heart has been yearning for. The passion and commitment of TreeSisters leadership and core team brings the mission to LIFE while the depth of the planting strategy is based on a clear and profound understanding of the inter-connectedness of the Earth's many systems. TreeSisters is a true blessing and I feel honored to be a part of this amazing community.


Ima KlcoThese leggings come in a variety of colors and patterns all with a nature theme.

A donation from each pair of Wild Life Leggings is donated to TreeSisters.







SamielaScarfCarolina Rodriguez Barros Lopez

A Piece of Peace

A PIECE OF PEACE is born as a fusion of art, style, beauty and consciousness.

Each creation carries a certain frequency, a sacred message. A light code.

Above all, they carry the frequency of LOVE.

A PIECE OF PEACE is our prayer to restore unconditional love that we know is possible in our planet.

Our hope for a new state of innocence, wonder and reverence for all life.

We believe in the pure, innocent JOY of being alive in this divine human life.



Email: contact@


How did your business come into being?

Slowly, one meditation after the other, and a lot of presence reading signs and synchronicities.

Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

We believe that giving back to nature is our duty and sacred responsibility for these times.

ScarfSamplePieceOf Peace

Made from Ashima Vegan silk this gorgoues scarf is called Silk Portal | REF #002LOV and is available to order on the website.





Cali White Standing Rock TeesCali White

Boho and Beautiful ~ Tees for Trees!

Hi Sisters 100% profit will be donated to Treesisters. Back in 2016 I followed the unfolding story of Standing Rock as increasing numbers of Native Americans healed the wounds of tribal history to stand together against the Dakota Access Pipeline. It was a stand for unity, for indigenous rights, for sustainable energy, and for sacred living. Deep in my heart I felt the stirrings of something powerful on a global level. Having had the utmost privilege to experience profound healing from Native American ways such as vision quests and sweat lodges, I was called to do something to help as an act of gratitude for all they had done for me. I set up a facebook page to raise awareness in the UK and created a T-shirt to raise funds. In 4 months I raised $5000 for the Oceti Sakowin Camp Fund that provided food and supplies to the increasing numbers of Water Protectors gathered there.


Cali White TeesAlong came the Billion Trees Campaign! A synchronistic gift at just the right time, it guided me deeper and higher on my own path of awakening.  I want to do more. One way I can is with my remaining T-Shirts. Standing Rock and TreeSisters are intrinsically linked and with the camps gone, I am following my heart to donate the money now to the trees via this amazing organisation I feel blessed to be part of. If you'd like one, you can buy one on my Etsy page.


Why was creating these tees important to you?

The lessons from Standing Rock were many and took me on a personal journey to connect more deeply with my own indigenous ancestors and with ancient spirituality of Britain. I wanted to get back to the time in my own blood line when my ancestors lived a sacred relationship to the land. I was called back to Neolithic times (c.3000BC), a time before the relentless invasions of Europeans began. During that time, the land of Britain was completely covered in thick forest, a fact that blew me away. My ancestors were tree people! They carried sacred tree wisdom in their bones and somewhere deeply buried in my own I feel it stirring.

Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

Giving to TreeSisters is important to me as a way of being able to take action and participate in the rebuilding of a sustainable planet for the future of life here. My inner journey has taken me to a place of deep knowing how important the planting of trees plays is in this and so I choose to give to an ethical organisation involved in making it happen whilst at the same time empowering local communities facing challenging circumstances. I have been involved in Women's Empowerment work for many years and know from experience that when we heal from within we naturally come back into a healthy interconnected relationship with the earth. Like Treesisters, I believe in the connection of trees and feminine consciousness.

Tee Cali White

These tees are 100% Organic Cotton made from Ethically Sourced materials.

I am donating 100% of my profits after cost of the shirt production and shop fees.






Clothing Designed for Theraputic Purposes

Pamela FreePamela Free

Weight Vest For Osteoporosis

When I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis in 2004 after a bone scan,I was offered a prescription.  I sought other ways to increase my bone density. I increased my weight bearing exercise, walking and rebounding, and improved my diet and pH balance.

Being thin, it was hard to get the weight-bearing exercise I needed. Then I discovered the weighted vest. A weight vest enables even the thinnest person to have good weight-bearing exercise without going to the gym. I tried many of the vests on the market, back then they were designed mainly for firemen and athletes, and none of them felt good, so I designed my own. I had been a movement therapist for many years so I knew how to design a vest that would improve movement and feel safe.

Pam Free Vest

Now I have a website with a body of personally gained knowledge on women's health for free and I sell the vest at a largely lowered price so women can afford it.

(Please note this photo has been lightened so you can see the details.)

Why is what you do important to you?

I have always been an entrepreneur and artist, but I became very sick when I was 55 and had moved into a new home that was toxic. So I researched health intensely.

I found an Oregon study that said a vest with weights would improve bone density. There was no way I was going to take the toxic bone drugs doctors were handing out so I created a better vest for that purpose that was specifically suited for smaller women. A holistic doctor convinced me to get the vest to market so I learned how to do that.

Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

Pamela has written a page long blog on why TreeSisters is important to her.  She invites you to come read it at

Fine Jewelry



Anni Maliki designs fluid, contemporary, hand-made silver jewelry that echoes the movement, balance and beauty she sees in nature. She harnesses silver's intrinsic potential for texture, pattern and sculpture using granulation, hammering, chasing, etching and oxidation, layering and mirror-finish.

By combining silver with natural materials, Anni conjures the themes of her collection--Celestial, Forest, Canyon, Dune, Ethereal, River and Seascape--so that each piece dances, in pattern, in its swing on the ear, wrist or neck, and in how it plays with light. This explains the company tag–line: Designs that Dance.



How did your jewelry business come into being? 

Anni Maliki came into being because I needed an outlet for my love of beauty. Beauty - not the superficial, materialistic conventional kind in magazines, but that which speaks to and reflects the divine. Jewelry can serve as the interface between a woman's inner and outer world, and can help her externalize her to her most sublime inner beauty.

Why is donating to TreeSisters important to you?

I give to TreeSisters because I want my business to reflect and embody my values of stewardship and my love of this planet. I want my customers to experience the give and take that is at the heart of true feminine power. Finally, by giving to TreeSisters, my business can be a part of its profound two-fold mission of reforestation and powerful feminine empowerment.


LEAF SET IN TREE - 1 AnniWe sell our jewelry designs through our high-end Craft shows and our website. 

For every piece of jewelry sold, Anni Maliki donates $1 to TreeSisters, equating to the planting of 2 trees. 1 order= 2 trees!


Jess RowlandJess Rowlands

Coyote Stone

Along with being a proud Mumma bear of 3 wildly spirited children, I am also a passionate artisan and silversmith, making sterling silver raw Crystal rings and Crystal pots from my small studio on the Gold Coast, Australia.

Working with turquoise ocean hues that dance and reflect on our hearts, I believe when you are wearing a crystal, you are connecting with its geometries, lessons and gifts and colour rays, which can subtly affect our energetic field helping to create balance.

Jess Rowland logo

Why is creating sterling silver jewelry important to you?

I believe in creating one off pieces that are beautiful to look at, but are more than just a piece of jewellery. Using raw and high quality crystals, sterling silver, all locally sourced where possible to enhance the environment they are placed and adorn the body and soul.


Why is donating to TreeSisters important to you?

I love plants. I have studied medicinal plants and energies and have just started studying natural area restoration. I believe that trees are the keepers of the love flame and we need to help bring balance back to our home.

Jess Rowland sample jewelry

B o t a n i c a l Elements, a new line coming soon...

Botanical themed pieces... weaving in medicinal plants and flowers, bringing another element of magic to them.
Creating talismans that are more than a statement piece of jewellery.



Hand Made Jewelry

Terras Oak Bio PlaceholderTerra Canova

Nature Haven Shop

Photographer, writer and handmade jewelry maker, my creativity loves to take different forms. I fell in love with gemstone pendants many years ago. The beauty of these rocks are incredible. To think such amazing art is made by the Earth itself can take your breath away. I try to pair gemstones together that create a harmony and positive energy. I treat each pendant as a gift  from our precious planet that will carry its beautiful energy on to the wearer.

NHSI have been creating a variety of Tree themed pendants and I am quite honored to offer 50% from the sale of the pendants and necklaces to TreeSisters. I believe so strongly in TreeSisters mission. It is so soul fulfilling. I am grateful for TreeSisters every single day. And I love being a part of this!

Why is creating gemstone jewelry important to you?

It began when I was looking for a sodalite pendant to wear. Sodalite is a gemstone associated with the Throat Chakra. I searched locally and online and the few pieces I found were way over priced.

This turned out to be motivation. Gemstones are beautiful and excellent aides to help you meditate and heal. So I set out to design my own pendants at affordable prices so that everyone can experience their beauty.

I have been selling them for years and often donated to various charities from a senior dog rescue to a Native American group recording their wisdom to women's health groups and to other enviromental organizations.

Why is donating to TreeSisters important to you?

TreeSisters is unique from all the other tree planting groups I've seen. They are replanting the Tropics to reverse climate change, but it doesn't stop there. Their combination of environment and bringing back the feminine as well as empowering people to go from a consuming species to a restorer species is something I believe in heart and soul. It's a part of my essence and I have been very blessed to not only volunteer for TreeSisters but now work as the Network Relations Manger. Donating from my jewelry is a natural extension of my belief in this mission. It is my offering of sheer gratitude.

Terra Canova NatureHavenShopThis is a Save the Planet Mala necklace/wrist wrap in TreeSisters colors of purple and green. I also have malas made of recycled glass beads.




Miranda Grealy JewelryMiranda Grealy

The Goddess Emporium

I own a store called The Goddess Emporium. We are currently in the process of opening our new store in Albury, NSW Australia.




Miranda Grealy

Why is creating jewelry important to you?

I have been creating things my whole life. I have 2 children, both autistic, due to the difficult, but beautiful nature, of my youngest, I had no time to work a regular 9 to 5 job, or do anything with regularity. I opened a store on the sunshine coast in Australia where I created jewellery and art, and hosted local jewellery and art workshops.

During this time, I became friends with the incomparable Pollyanna Darling, who introduced me to Treesisters, through Clare's baby, The Deepening. Which I then hosted in my store. Since this time, a number of years ago, I make a very small monthly dontation and when larger funds are needed, I try and give. I have currently made a selection of bracelets to sell in my shops, the profits from which will be donated to Treesisters.

Why is donating to TreeSisters important to you?

I have felt quite impotent in reguards to making a difference or change in the world, though its been my strongest hearts desire for many years. Through treesisters I am able to not only help the planet, but also the women around me, through the deepening. I have bought property in Spain and am slowly preparing it as a womans retreat where we can run The Deepening with regularity, feed and nourish women and raise more funds for TreeSisters to heal the world.

Miranda Grealy Jewelry design

The Goddess Emporium has a variety of rings, necklaces, cuffs and earrings. Here is one gorgeous sample! A handmade Carved Wood Celtic Circle with Amethyst stones. Necklace and earrings sold separately.

Nienna Rooted AwakeningAlana Tingley

Rooted Awakening

.: Jewelry for the Conscious Earthling :.

The name of my business is Rooted Awakening. I am the sole creator for the shop. I craft metal stamped jewelry, with a focus on environmental awareness.



Rooted Awakening Logo

How did your business get started?

It started about 5 years ago. I was looking for a unique tag for my dog and came across a metal stamped dog tag. It inspired me, with all of its possibilities, so I bought a stamp set. After about six months I opened my etsy shop.

Why is donating to TreeSisters important to you?

Trees are life. There are a hand full of beings/elements on earth that are necessary for life, as we know it. Trees are one of those beings. I want to give back to those that given me the breath of life.


MotherEarth Rooted Awakening

This gorgeous necklace is available in the Rooted Awakening shop along with several other designs all hand stamped!


Wholesale Jewelry

Elisa MishoryElisa Mishory

SaraSwati  Imports

A large selection of jewelry items, imported cushions and statues.

I have been a sterling silver importer and national wholesaler for almost 30 years (see

For the first time we are reaching out to the consumer directly with our e-commerce site (to launch in the next week or two) Also see our instagram feed: saraswatishop_online.

SaraSwati Jewelery Wholesale logo Elisa Mishory

Coming soon:

How did your business come into being?
Coming soon

Why is donating to TreeSisters important to you?

First off, giving back has always been important to me, and I have always supported causes/not-for-profits with a portion of profits from wholesale sales (though I don't necessarily make that a cornerstone of my WS business model - I just do it, and usually let my customers know what causes we have supported for the year with my holiday messages). I support environmental groups as well as many groups that help women and girls worldwide - a major passion of mine.

I've been following you for the past year and have tremendous respect for your goals and efforts. Several of my dearest friends are already involved with you. I am daily overwrought about the condition of our planet, and feel strongly that planting trees is so desperately important. I feel that working with jewelry and stones is a very elemental activity, and the first thing that I want to do is to give back to the Earth as she deserves!

Bci 2205 v amy Elisa Mishory





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