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Courage Circle 

Regina SchlagerRegina Schlager

The Courage Circle for Women

As a coach, author and facilitator I help women to get in deep contact with themselves and unleash their potential. The Courage Circle is a monthly space for women to come together and support each other on our unique ways. I work with systemic coaching, embodiment, focusing, Theory U/Presencing and The Work That Reconnects.



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How did your business come into being?

I have been going myself through the process of finding my authentic voice and expressing it in the world. I came to realise how important it is for us women to join in sisterhood. It is my deep intention to co-create a new story where we are not separate from each other but feel part of the web of life.

Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

I really appreciate the combination of feminine leadership and reforestation which are both essential aspects for myself. Through TreeSisters I am able to bring my caring into impactful action.

Harald-Kreuzer Logo Courage-Circle Web

To learn more about the Courage Circles please visit her website.


Creative Depth Coaching

Cat Depth ecourseCat Caracelo

JourneyPath Institute

I offer community and global learning for woman wanting to experience a more vibrant life and are willing, yearning to do that through diving deep into personal myth, transformative process and expressive arts to find healing, wholeness, expression and expansion.


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Why did you start your business?

I have been guiding circles of woman for 15 years in local, global community and through 1:1 depth work, in the beginning this body of work, what has became my work in the world, was birthed from a year of silence. A time of grief, when life was rapidly changing, I found I needed to strip away who I was, and met the earth, the moon, deeper ancestral ways of knowing. It was my own mythos journey that was calling to me. I started to share the personal work after that year of silence when I began to understand the potency of finding a new narrative, life force, purpose and path and wanted others to know this power that dwells within that one precious life.

Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

I work with the energies of nature - helping women to understand their true nature. We work with the elements and energies of the sacred landscapes - learning how the tree, the forest, the waters, weather, the moon, reflect the self, psyche, soul. TreeSisters is a powerful aligned active community of women who are committed to their lives as a part of the whole of THE life of the earth, the field of safety, the trees.



I will donate a percentage from this eCourse to TreeSisters: Moon Mapping eCourse

Learn more on my site at: Moon Mapping eCourse






 Deep Dive

Kayla HardinKayla Hardin

Light & Shadow

I illuminate, ignite & nurture joy, healing & wholeness for women ready for radical transformation.

My most joyful offering right now is a 6-Moon Deep Dive for women ready for radical transformation. Is this you? Schedule a free exploration with me through offerings on my website.



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How did your business come into being?

This business has been birthed by unraveling layer by layer of conditioned, unconscious ways of being & doing. Through my own embodiment of joy, healing & wholeness, I am called to support others in illuminating these qualities in themselves.

Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

Normalizing giving back is crucial. It's life or death at this point. I choose life.

Eating in Alignment

samatha veitch product pictureSamantha Veitch

Eating in Alignment

I help earth loving visionaries to make the shift to a more sustainable large plant based diet that supports the ultimate vibrance of the individual without confusion or complex ingredients. I stress body consciousness and respectful consumption. Understanding cravings and compulsions and why we eat things we know aren't healthy for our body 'earth' just like they aren't healthy for the earth. Building self love and compassion goes hand in hand with the more practical side of ingredient sourcing and meal planning. I don't have a website but I do have a mailing list which you can join at the link to learn more about my work and receive new moon and full moon musings on vibrant living.

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Email: samantha@



How did your business come into being?

After healing myself through diet and lifestyle changes, including severe eczema and asthma I saw how my diet was also becoming more planet friendly. I realised how linked our own heath and sustainability habits are with the health of the mama earth. I decided to start helping others through what can be a confusing and daunting journey.Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

A big part of wanting to step more fully into my purpose and give my gifts, share my voice and speak my truth, is the deep yearning to be a restorer. I want what I give to be more than what I take. Treesisters has always felt like home to me. Surrounded by women who care deeply and want to do their part in conservation on a practical level as well as the deep inner work we are all being called to do at this time. Knowing there are trees out there being planted because of my contributions warms my heart and I long to plant whole forests around the globe!

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Make your own nut milk. Sign up for the guide.

Herbal Medicine 

Jennifer Costa CoursesJennifer Costa
ElderMoon School of Herbs & Earth Medicine

Jen's herbal journey began with Pam Montgomery in the early 1990s which evolved into a community apothecary and teaching center with her husband, Jay, for 15 years while raising 3 robust sons. She studied with many other herbalists too, including Dr. Tieraona LowDog, Rocio Alarcon, and Rosemary Gladstar. She entered nursing school to deepen her understanding of the body and modern medicine, and to learn more of how the body organizes it's energy for healing. Jen is currently a critical care nurse from the ICU, ER and OR for 10 years. Three years ago the medicine plants came calling again to serve in a new way. While always an herbalist first and deeply rooted in Druid, Celtic, and Native American folkways, she now walks in two worlds as a bridge between the plants, the people, and the Earth for healing.

I am donating from tuition for 'Birthing an Herbalist in 13 Moons' - our on-line herbal medicine training course  AND from our 'Becoming The Roots - 10 Week On-line Herbal Medicine Making Course'.

Jennifer Costa

Facebook: ElderMoon School of Herbs

To take the course that donates to TreeSisters  please click here.


Heart Wisdom

WC Courses Lure WishesLure Wishes

Wild Heart Woman

Lure is a guide for women who want to free their hearts, embody their wisdom, and step forward with love and power. Lure is passionate about holding the space for women, in their wounds, their beauty, anger, grief and love. She believes that it is through this embrace of all aspects of our nature that healing can take place. Through this we can invite a new way of being on earth; one that honours the feminine, and nature herself. The Wild Heart Journey is a 6-week journey to renewed vitality, connection, and love in action, for women ... and for the earth. Learn more at:

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To take the course that donates to TreeSisters please click here.

How did your buisness come into being?

I've been working with women in the healing arts for over 20 years. However the time came when I couldn't ignore the call to step out more to assist more people. I saw so many people suffering in workplaces, in relationships and in life in general. At the same time my heart was breaking at what is happening to the planet. To me, a part of the solution is for us to find freedom in our hearts, to reclaim our sovereignty and to step out for what we love. That's why I offer this work ... for the trees and for us all.

Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

I am so glad that TreeSisters exists and does this wonderful work. The combination of sisterhood, working towards consciousness shifts and the re-greening of the planet simply sings to my heart. I love this beautiful planet and I dedicate myself to her restoration and honouring.



Holotropic Breathwork

Lynda Close

Lynda Close

Alchemy of the Soul

Holotropic Breathwork workshop.






How did your business come into being?

Through years of training and passion for this deep work.


Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

Holotropic Breathwork deepened my relationship with the Earth and most importantly made me very conscious of how I treat her. The trees have always been so important to me and feeling the grief and rage of how we deforest our planet makes me want to create change and by donating what I can and hopefully opening up other peoples relationship to our planet would give my heart great reward.




 Lynda donates a portion from her workshop.





Life Coaching

VeronicaKrestow SQVeronica Krestow

The Diamond Process ™

I train life coaches in a modality I created called The Diamond Process ™.

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How did your business come into being?

My book, "The Diamond Process™" which is what all of my healing and educational work is based on came about when I was healing my own life in the redwoods. Out of sheer necessity, this work was born and much of my own healing and insights emerged while communing with the trees.

Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

My answer to the above question is why this is so important to me. Not to be dramatic, but the redwoods saved my life. They gave me the mother I never had, which taught me how to become that mother to my own self, especially the wounded child within.


Living Luminously

Linda Oliver picLinda Oliver

Luminous Living Academy 

The Luminous Living Academy offers  New Skills for a New Era of Love & Peace, New Skills for a New Era of Luminous Living, New Skills for a New Era of Happiness, Health & Prosperity, New Skills for a New Era of Personal Evolution, Empowerment & Enlightenment and so much more could be added to this list as we build a world that works for all to THRIVE!

Linda Oliver

How did your business come into being?

The Art of Luminous Living is a Practical Path for Personal Evolution, Empowerment & Enlightenment which is a synthesis of twenty years research and training. The tools and skills I share I have used to transform my own life. In 1998 I began a personal quest to find an answer to this question: If love IS the answer, why is there so much suffering? At that time two people I love very much were suffering, in excruciating pain but located in two different countries, Canada and England, and I desperately wanted to help them both but felt helpless. After many years of "connecting-the-dots" I published my book, The Universe is a Dream Machine, launched the Luminous Living Academy and created to share solutions to transform your life and our world. Yes! Love IS the answer, our world is truly universal love made visible. We do not yet fully understand the world we have been born into, the end of suffering starts with understanding. We are the ones making the choice for love or annihilation, and everything in between with our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, perceptions, attitudes... it's our consciousness, think of it as our human operating system. Every loving thought is a transforming influence on earth and life enhancing, every negative thought is life depleting.

Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

I am passionate about women's empowerment and was introduced to TreeSisters last year and love your vision and work in the world.

At the Luminous Living Academy I have created two "free" courses with a request to make a donation to TreeSisters: 1. FREE Consciousness Camp to Raise Consciousness & Reduce Stress We are Shifting Consciousness To A World That Works For All To THRIVE! 2. Discover How to use AFT for Anxiety & Depression AFT is the Attractor Field Techniques: Discover a new way of using the ancient Chinese discovery of the meridian energy system, without needles.



Luminary Mentorship Program


Samiela Carolina

Carolina Rodriguez Barros Lopez

Luminary Mentorship Program

Luminary Mentorship Program is the 9-month Mentorship Program for Light-workers, Empaths and Sensitives feeling the urgency to contribute their unique soul medicine to the world. Leaders, Writers, Artists, soulful Business Owners are called to rise and contribute their innate gifts, visions and medicine to the world are gathering here as Luminaries, restoring the tapestry of humanity.



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Email  her at: luminary @




How did your business come into being?

While I was coaching women on feminine leadership and presence, I was also receiving "information", visions and feelings from nature. I didn't know what "to do" with it, but I gave it space and time and wrote all in 4 journals I carried with me during years.

In 2016 the vision started to come together and in 2017 I finally surrendered to the urgency to use the medicine received to serve the restoration of the tapestry of humanity. This glowing tapestry is made of humans fully living and being their unique light, restoring peace, beauty and joy on Earth, while assisting her in her own evolutionary journey.

Luminary Mentorship program started to be dedicated only for women. In 2018, I surrendered again to the call to open it for men as well.

We are in this together : Women & Men. It's our time now. The New Earth is us all.

Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

As a Soul Alchemist, and the entire body of work on the Luminary Program, is based on Nature's Consciousness that I've been receiving and working with for years.
It is important for me to give back to her as she generously shares herself.



Natural Dyes

justine-aldersey-williamsJustine Aldersey-Williams

The Wild Dyery

We pattern ethically sourced cloth by hand at our studio in Hoylake, Wirral, England, using traditional resist techniques including shibori, block printing and screen printing.

Our textiles are then dyed using flowers, bark, roots and leaves, imbuing the fabric with resonant colour and an ethical provenance.

We create a range of home textiles, 'dye it yourself' kits and accessories which sell online, at craft events and through retailers.

Our products, workshops and e courses aim to help preserve this heritage craft whilst promoting sustainable textiles. We also showcase the work of other artists and makers using heritage, sustainable or upcycled materials and offer a variety of guest workshops in natural crafts.



How did your business come into being?

Justine is a Fashion/Textiles design graduate and former secondary school art, design and yoga teacher who established The Wild Dyery as a way to develop holistic textiles. The company offers both products and training workshops for people who'd like to experience the creative wellbeing that comes from using natural materials.


Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

Natural fabric dyeing offers people an opportunity to reconnect with the natural environment for both personal and planetary wellbeing. Creating with nature develops reverence for the generosity of our planet which naturally inspires the desire to care and give back.


WildDyery sample

This gorgeous leaf was made with natural fyes. Please see her website for so much more!

Nature Women Circles


Leonie BoersLeonie Boers


We offer workshops for women, to get back in contact with the mirror of nature within themselves. We would like to guide and help woman to listen to their inner nature again. To get in touch with the seasons around them and within. Feel more at ease with being a woman. We offer 2 different workshops/ courses and we have created a mandala which we use in our workshops and we are thinking of turning it into a thing woman can buy so they can do it at their on time at home.


How did your business come into being?

We have been hosting women circles for years together and noticed that within our group, that attends our circles, there is a need for more knowledge about being a woman. That women of today have lost touch with nature due to everything around. Because of that we created a training, consisting of 8 different workshops.


Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

We find it important to give back. Make people aware that we need to protect our mother earth and look after her. We picked TreeSisters because we find it important to empower women because that is what we try to do with our workshops as well. Because we are already a TreeSister with our full moon group we knew of the work you do. We find it so inspiring that we woud like to contribute our part by becoming a WaterCarrier.


Rattle Making Workshops

Suzi Crawford Shaman RattlesSuzi Crockford

Handmade Rattles

I'm a shamanic healer, drum and rattle maker and a teacher of all of those things; I run workshops in drum and rattle making and both one day workshops in shamanism and a 9 Month 'Ancient Ways' shamanic apprenticeship.

Suzi Crawford logo

How did your business come into being?

My business has evolved slowly over decades. I started out offering healing simply on the basis of being in conversation with a world I viewed as sentient and sacred and with the world that underpins that world. Slowly my practice has evolved into what we in the West are currently naming 'shamanism'. I began making drums and rattles as part of this practice.

Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

I believe that Tree Sisters are addressing two of the most fundamental requirements that Earth has of her human inhabitants - we are restoring Sovereignty by the cultivating of nature based feminine leadership and Service by the planting of much needed trees.

Suzi Crawford

Some of the rattles that you can make in the Rattle Making Workshop.


Shamanic Journeying


LindaFitchLinda Fitch

I'm a shamanic practitioner and have created a journey product. I am very dedicated to the shamanic world tree. I also teach around the world and lead sacred journeys to Peru each year.

From her website: Linda Fitch is a practicing shaman who has studied and worked with the Inka medicine men and women of Peru for nearly two decades.

The former CEO of the Four Winds Society, Dean of its Light Body School of energy medicine, and developer of the Dying Consciously Teacher Training program, she has trained thousands of students in shamanic healing techniques. She is known for her groundbreaking trainings and classes, and has led multiple expeditions to the high mountains and jungles of Peru. Linda also maintains an active personal healing practice, working with clients around the globe.

Email: linda@

How did your business come into being?

I've been a practicing shaman for over 20 years.


Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

By journeying with a world shamanic tree - we support the SABA tree and the shaman's too.

Soul Alignment Coaching


Anita-D-Marshall-Headshot-for-Bio-300-by-300Anita Marshall

I provide Soul Alignment Coaching, Mentorship and Guidance to help souls like you to reconnect back with who you are, your own inner wisdom and your life purpose.
The world around us is becoming increasingly demanding and stressful, which is leading to feelings of inner\outer disconnection as well as loss\confusion around life direction and purpose. I provide the space and support to help find the way back home to yourself, to the peace and balance within as well as to help discover the answers to why you are here (your life purpose).

Anita D Marshall logo

How did your business come into being?

I first experience the need to make soul shifts in my own life through a health crisis. I began hearing the call to help others to align with their inner and outer worlds whilst on my travels through India and Asia.

During my travels I found that I had a gift to help guide because of the wealth of learning and training I had undertaken on my own soul journey to reconnect with myself and my purpose.

On returning to the UK I trained to become a certified Spiritual Life Coach and Counsellor to enhance my healing modality training I already had to provide the most supportive service to help others.

Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

I have always had a nature hippy heart and a passion to be a protector of the nature world ever since childhood. This desire to help protect Mother Earth grew stronger when I experience the destruction of the natural world and forests whilst volunteering in the jungles of Borneo and during travels to the Amazon rainforest. The protection of the natural world and the sisterhood that TreeSisters provides is perfectly aligned with my values and desires and with the monthly Women's Moon Circles that I will be making donations from.

Tree Communication 

Fee Ryall photoFree Ryall

Plant Intimacy

I am a Tree and Plant Communicator and an Intuitive Sensory Herbalist. 

My teaching style is very intuitive and spontaneous and I am mainly interested in supporting people who have felt they may have a path with soul retrieval and would like to explore the plants and trees as allies in their work.


 FeeRyall LOgo

How did your business come into being?

I've been working towards being able to offer support for people interested in Tree Communication for some time and this year it feels time.Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

For me as with many treesisters, planting trees is a joy and a service. I feel the trees have so many teachings to offer us and these teachings are important for so many reasons. I care deeply about the healing of our collective consciousness and feel that trees are a part of this as they offer us keys to understand how we are more able to nurture ourselves back into balance.


Fee donates to TreeSisters through these Immersions. See her website for more details.







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