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WC Art and Handmade Items 1Photography by Artist Partner Janet Pancho Gupta


Karen Bolan SquareKaren Balon

Karen Balon Art

I am an artist/painter who creates visual manifestations of the alchemy Mother Earth intuitively passes on to me. I am currently working a series of Goddess archetypes.

How did your business come into being?

I have been creating my whole life. Over the past decade I have been painting what I call "Visions Enter ~ Paintings Exit", which I have come to realize are downloads/wisdom/alchemy from Gaia. As time progresses this connection is becoming stronger and stronger. To the point where I am not only called to paint her alchemy but to find other ways I can give back to her.

Why I paint What I paint, I have been compelled my whole life to draw swirling tendrils. As far back as I can remember. I would draw them over and over again. They show up in every painting I paint. I've had no idea why I had to draw/paint them, I just HAD to! Then recently the "ah ha" moment came. It was actually when I was listening to Clare Dubois during interview. These tendrils are my roots connecting and communing with Mother Earth! She has been downloading her wisdom, unconditional love, healing support and alchemy to me. Through me via the tendrils from her womb to mine. These messages are not only for me, but also for my sistersouls here on earth. For the collective. Messages from the great goddesses and their archetypes. Wisdom of releasing limiting beliefs, the pain and oppression of the feminine, our default settings. For us to learn the strengths of these goddesses and of the unconditional love and ancient wisdom of Gaia. These messages come to me as visions when I "tap" into Mother. These visions manifest, marinating over time into paintings. As well as helping me break the bonds of my own limiting beliefs. Releasing the fear of being seen, of being heard, of not being perfect or being unworthy. Letting go of procrastination, excuses and complacency. Helping me to stand in my own Divine Feminine Power and Authenticity. Helping me to have the courage to share this alchemy and wisdom with my sisters through my paintings. Passing on what is being passed to me, through me. Vision. Manifest. Create. And So It Is!

Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

I have been searching for an environmental organization that I feel a connection with, but also had to support the empowerment of women. I recently came across TreeSisters and felt the connection I'd been looking for! My next question was in what way could I support TreeSisters? After researching TreeSisters, I love the mission and work being done. I feel we are kindred spirits and that donating a percentage from ALL sales of my artwork is the best way for me to give back to Mother Earth.

Karen Balon art sample

24"x24" Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas with Palette Knife Painting

Kathleen BrigidinaKathleen Brigidina

Earth Artistree & Spirit

I am a radical tree-hugging eco-artist, poet, mentor, teacher, intuitive reiki practitioner, and fanatic explorer of ancient artistic wisdom and techniques. I am an honored member of TreeSisters Heartwood volunteer team as their "Artist Partner Liaison", and co-creative maven of "TreeSisters Well of Creativity & Wisdom" FB group. I love to paint, teach, and guide eco-art-therapy in nature, using non-toxic supplies and natural earth painting pigments. Creativity is prayer, and Gaia is my muse, mentor, and confidant, inspiring me to listen instinctively to her guidance, to look beyond myself to see beauty in every living being, and to feel the deep connection we all have to each other and this miraculous home we are blessed to share.


How did your business come into being?

I have loved playing in nature and with art since I was little. I have always known everyone is creative and not only a select few. As an eco-artist, teacher and exhibit curator my desire is to share my love of Earth through my art and support others in the discovery of their own wild nature and evolutionary creative path.

Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

I believe we are way more powerful than we have been taught, and I want to use whatever powers I have to give back for all the life, beauty, inspiration, and nourishment Earth has given me. I believe the TreeSisters mission of combining feminine heart-based leadership together with reforestation of the planet is the perfect alchemy of loving energy and radical action currently needed to return our world to balance and wholeness.

Gaia Green Woman Rising  -Brigidina

Gaia, Green Woman Rising is a Natral Earth Pigment Oil painting. Prints are available for sale and help to raise funds in aid of TreeSisters.




BarbaraBrown ArtistBarbara Brown

Raven Creations

I am an artist/writer/forest walker in the wild remote mountains of British Columbia, Canada. Author of the book SYLVAN REFLECTIONS: Wanderings, Paintings & Ponderings from the Forest, I want to bring the forest to people: "If you can't get out into the forest today, come along with me, I'll take you there. I'll be your eyes & your ears, your nose & your skin . . . " Be inspired and soothed by the beauty and the healing nature of the forest. Through deepening peoples' experience of and connection to nature a love for it is fostered and . . . we take care of what we love.

Barbara Brown logo


How did your business come into being?

I have a daily practice of walking in the forest, and have had for 20 years; and when the time finally came in my life when I knew I must follow my calling and become an artist, it soon became clear that what I should be sharing with the world through my art is my love of the forest.

Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

I am honoured to partner with TreeSisters . . . a profoundly inspiring organization I have great admiration for, whose mission and message resonate deeply with my own. Precisely what is needed for the human race to survive and thrive and restore our beautiful planet – the planting of trees and the empowerment of women – is precisely what TreeSisters is doing, and doing it beautifully with impeccable integrity.

BarbaraBrown Artist-Book





Melanie Guy ArtistMelanie Guy

Artist , Sculpturer using  natural materials

I want to interest my local Drawn to the Valley group of artists who specialise in the history and natural environment of the Tamar Valley - which borders Devon and Cornwall. I hope to recruit and pull together a 'grove' of like-minded women.




Melanie Guy Logo





How did your business come into being?

I am an artist and I love designing. Natural materials have always thrilled me and I have worked with arts and crafts all my life, first in ceramics, then in pewter metal, which is a softer metal, mostly inert and with a very low melting point, so sustainable in production. I am also a director of a family, sustainable environment company, designing and making play environments out of dead, dying or dangerous trees - to create areas which are natural, experiential environments for all ages. One of my sons is a tree surgeon, the other is a woodworker and we all contribute in creating these areas for social, physical and imaginative development - all a process of mental health and well-being.

Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

With our own woodland we have a mini forest in Cornwall, UK so this is some contribution to the health of the planet and in our business we deal with what would otherwise be wasted; I want to further contribute to the regeneration of tree life, giants of all plant life - at the other end of the life span!

Pewter Otter Melanie Guy

Pewter Pete on exhibtion in the UK. Please see Melanie's website for many more amazing metal works and other styles of creativity and art!



WC Art Gloria HenryGloria Henry

Gypsy Grove Arts

Through creative thinking, and sacred living I aim to inspire others to live deeper and more meaningful lives for ourselves and all living beings. I see caring for and respect for our Mother Earth, who provides life and nourishment, as Sacred. I invite you to journey through a process of self discovery transforming both our view of the world, and our own unique capacity to thrive within it. I believe recognition of our spiritual connection to nature is vital to the well-being of ourselves and the planet. Knowing and honoring the sacredness of Earth and the life she supports helps us acknowledge our own place within the living eco-systems of the planet. When we do this we can experience a deep sense of belonging that comes from embracing the interdependence of all life.

Gloria Henry Logo

To take the course which donates to TreeSisters please click here.


How did your business come into being?

I have always been a creative and held a deep love and connection with nature since I was a young child. It was a natural transition over time that my love for the natural world and for creativity merged into what I hold space for now. The Gypsy Grove which encompasses many aspects between the two.


Why is donating to TreeSisters important to you?

I was one of the first volunteers with TreeSisters when Clare was beginning to branch out. What drew me even then, was the courage of one woman to connect and care for nature in a nurturing way that is mostly inherent in the female energies. I feel that women rising as caregivers for the planet, and for each other is of vital importance in this world and I have seen first hand over the years, TreeSisters not only grow the trees that are so desperately needed in these times, but also grow a beautiful network of women rising, and branching out all over the world!


women-as-a-force-of-nature-goria orig

I donate a percentage of my proceeds from all of Nature / Ecology based courses. These include: Sacred Self, Sacred Earth and my Eco Art Kids courses.





Railia K MandalasRaila Knuuttila

Breathing Art Mandala

Breathing Art Mandala is a multi-leveled artistic collaboration in support of environmental projects. The Mandala Inquiries is a part of the Breathing Art Mandala: it is a series of interviews with artists about their artworks.

The intention of it all is to support tropical reforestation and nature-based feminine leadership through TreeSisters and Samay -organizations. We aim to fund 100 000 trees to the tropics within next 5 years. Participating artists can propose how they want their artworks to appear in The Mandala Inquiries: it could be creating new art for this purpose or dedicating already existing artwork. The podcasts that discuss the art and creating of the works are found in The Mandala Inquiries -page in this website. 2. Practically, for every artist that participates, minimum 108 trees will be planted to the tropical forests. In this way the collaboration will exist also as the tropical forests providing and protecting living environment for many species on the planet in the future. 3. There will also be a yearly created nature mandala, which is based on deep listening, silence and the values that we (the creators of it) believe are needed in today's world. First mandala will be realized in Portugal 2018.

The trees are funded by our support circle and planted through TreeSisters and Samay organizations. Breathing Art Mandala is a project of a Finnish artist called Raila Mar and Breathing Art Mandala Grove ry (a non-profit organization).

RK logo Mnadalas

How did your business come into being?

While developing my artistic work I became a volunteer of TreeSisters in 2014 and since then have been wanting to combine these fields. That is how I have developed slowly Breathing Art Mandala.

Why is donating to TreeSisters important to you?

It has been the most important inspiration for me during last years, showing the way how to not paralyze but heal and act in the phase of climate change and urgency of environmentally constructive shift in society.


WC Kristina Hutch Matthews

Kristina Hutch Matthews 
Pen and Ink Artist

I strive to create works that discover magic in the ordinary, blend reality with the impossible, and explore the boundaries of the mind and human experience. With each drawing, I open myself to a meditative celebration of the lines and patterns that make up all living things. For me, this continuity and repetition reflect an underlying truth - that we are all ONE. I act as conduit; each piece captures vibrational frequencies encountered on my own path of awakening, which then reverberate through the collective unconscious in an invitation to activate and transform the viewer. I am also a reiki healer, meditation guide, yoga instructor and dream teacher/analyst.

KristinaHutchMathhews LogoI am donating 10% of all online art sales and sales of my wordless picture book, The Cat Flap: A Tale of Harmony and Balance and 50% of all healing sessions and dreamwork sessions to TreeSisters.



SaraSteffeyMcQueen WC Art SQSara Steffey McQueen

Artist & Art of Allowing Facilitator

I draw, paint and celebrate Nature and the Spirit in my art. I love Mandalas. I am filled when sharing my enthusiasm and gifts of spirit with others. I studied at University in drawing, painting, and printmaking, and taught Art in the public schools for 30 years. I teach others in creativity and practice Nature-based Spirituality in Women's circles. I am still learning. I became an "Art of Allowing Facilitator" in 2016, and now I share this intuitive process of going within and celebrating the Divine without.

I love using my hands to create, and probably as much I love to share. So being an artist is my passion as a way to celebrate my love of Nature and my expressions of that Love.

SaraSteffy logo

On Facebook: sarasteffeymcqueen/Artist

How did your business come into being?

 I have been painting and showing professionally as an artist for over 40 years. Watercolors were a way I could sit in Nature and enjoy what is right in front of me.


Why is donating to TreeSisters important to you?

I fell deeply and immediately into tree sisters. I live in the woods, anm married to an Arborist, and have called us "Tree People" as long as I can remember. I want to feel that I am giving more than my love and adoration to Earth, and Tree sisters is another perfect way to feel my life matters.



Yellow Poplar
Framed acrylic 20" X 28" Bright and lively fall foliage








Marian Periano WC Artists

Mariana Peirano

Peirano Art Studio

My name is Mariana and I'm an artist living in beautiful Ojai, California, where I'm surrounded by trees. I'm a figurative artist and my focus in the last few years has been painting women. Since my move to Ojai I have fallen in love with the trees and they have inspired me to include them in my paintings. I hope to inspire through my art a deeper connection with nature and a sense of care for our trees.


Marian Periano logo

How did your business come into being?

I've always been an artist, but for many years my art was limited to creating classroom materials for my students and my own children. More than 20 years later I returned to my true calling and decided to start showing my work. I had my first solo show in 2014 with an exhibit of women portraits that reflected my own growth and awareness. Through my art I was revealing the dramatic experience of a woman's self discovery and the monumental transformations that occur in the cycle of her life. My art today continues to portray women and their experiences but also includes my love for nature, specially trees.

Why is donating to TreeSisters important to you?

One of my goals in life has always been to help bring peace to our world. Recently, I have been deeply affected by the need to care for our planet and restore our connection to nature. I believe that this can only be accomplished one person at the time. I also believe that as women we have the responsibility to take the initiative to heal this world. We have the sensibility, compassion and nurturing instincts to make peace a reality. TreeSisters has given me the opportunity to actively participate in the restoration of our planet and be part of a community of women with like goals.


Trimmed Self Observer pic


Self Observer original oil painting available on her website.



WC TreeGirlSq2Julianne Skai Arbor

Julianne Skai Arbor, MA, MS., a.k.a. TreeGirl, travels around the world to learn from trees first hand, and with a remote control and a tripod, photographs herself and other women intertwined in intimate connection with trees to show that We Are Nature. She is author of TreeGirl: Intimate Encounters with Wild Nature, a certified arborist, naturalist, shamanic healer and interdisciplinary conservation educator with ten years experience in higher education. With her passion for trees she creates an experiential bridge to connect people with nature through forest ecotherapy, portrait sessions, and immersive rewilding retreats with trees around the world. She lives in Northern California.

TreeGirl logo PhotographyTreeGirl will donate from the registration fee from her women's forest ecotherapy and nude tree photography retreats, as well as from the sale of her TreeGirl book at special events and special fundraising for additional print runs of the book.

Ilka Pia Clarenlika Pia Claren

I am an artist, photographer, filmmaker and designer from Germany. Almost all of my work is dedicated to my love and deep relationship to nature. In the past 4 years I am on an even more intense journey of honoring and loving myself and everything that is surrounding me. I have received many gifts from nature and now I want to give back!



Ilka Pia Clarens logoI will donate from my online shop where I sell my photography printed on products.




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