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Sue Blanch SQSue Blanch

Yoga and the Menstrual Cycle - Live in Harmony with your Natural Rhythm

I am the author of "Yoga and the Menstrual Cycle - Live in Harmony with your Natural Rhythm". It's a practical guide to bringing health, wellbeing, nurture and vitality into your life through exploring your menstrual cycle and practising yoga that is in sync with it.

Sue Blach Logowww.yogaandthemenstrualcycle.com

What inspiried you to write your book?

I struggled with my menstrual cycle for 30 years until I found that tuning into my natural cyclical changes and the optimal type of yoga at the appropriate time almost totally eliminated my period pain and premenstrual syndrome.

Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

Since I was a little girl I have loved being in nature and amongst the trees. They are so beautiful and give me a sense of wholeness. The rapid rate of deforestation around the world breaks my heart and I wanted to minimise the environmental impact of my book so fundraising for one tree to be planted for every copy sold is a small, but important, compensation for this.

Yoga and the Menstrual Cycle Front Cover
One tree will be planted for every copy sold.

The book is now available on her website!


SnowFlake Jessica Brookes
Jessica Brookes

Dreamweaver Books
Dreamweaver Books, a platform to share locally printed books designed with consideration for the environment using 100% recycled paper and ecological printing techniques.

Our content seeks to inspire, educate and enrich life. Our collaborators are forces for good, creators with purpose expressing from the heart.

Dreamweaver's first book, is a children's story about a polar bear called Snowflake who gets lost during a snowstorm and has to set out on a journey to find his family and friends. His tale has him face his fears and grow...

DreamWeaverBooks Jessica Brookes


jessica.m.brookes@ googlemail.com

What inspiried you to write your book?
Snowflake The Last Lost Polar Bear was inspired by my childhood, I love polar bears and wrote stories about them and given their fragile lives and what they represent in terms of the changing environment and climate, felt it good to highlight.

Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?
I really admire what TreeSisters stand for.

Please check her website for when the book is available. It is due to go to publishing soon!

WC Book and 100 Pollyanna DarlingPollyanna Darling

Falling in Love with Life - Imaginaria

I am an intuitive life coach, author and dedicated TreeSister with an untethered passion for both women's empowerment, and the care of our wildly beautiful Earth. Most of my work is focused on assisting healers, changemakers and creative professionals to shift out of playing small and into empowered grounded wholeness, so that they can create deeply satisfying lives that are aligned with their highest purpose. I facilitate women's empowerment work on the Sunshine Coast in QLD, Australia and am in awe of the amazing women who step forward with courage, curiosity and commitment to their path and their growth.

Pollyanna Darling Book Heartwood



To purchase the book that gives TreeSisters a donation please click here.



What inspiried you to write your book?

Heartwood is the book the trees asked me to write! About 11 years ago I wrote a little story about trees and the human heart for my very young children. Then I fell in love, moved interstate and forgot all about the story. One day, about 5 years later, I was walking in the forest near my home. I put both my hands on the rough bark of one of the big old eucalypt trees and pressed my forehead against the trunk. I'd intended only to make a connection. Instead I distinctly heard a voice say 'finish Heartwood!' It took me several days to remember that maybe I had a story by that name. I searched my computer and hey presto - there it was! From there a beautiful creative journey unfolded with Kirsty (also a treesister) who did the utterly gorgeous illustrations. There is something incredibly magical about seeing your imagination transformed into art through the eyes of another.

We wanted to create a book that children could treasure. A book that spoke to their hearts. A book that would fill them with the creative power of hope. Heartwood is about the way that Nature can change the human heart. It focuses on a foreman called Baldy, who transforms from a forest destroyer into a forest protector.


Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

My heart is fully given to TreeSisters vision and mission. TreeSisters is a very unique organisation - like nothing else I have ever encountered. It's honest, committed, real and full of love. I love the Earth, I love that money can turn into trees. And I especially love that our little book, Heartwood, can put trees in the ground through TreeSisters.




Jessica Klassen SQ
Jessie Klassen

Nature Child ~ Children's Books

Jessie Klassen is an author, farmer, Nature intuitive, and the mother of 3 sensitive children. Deeply connected to Mother Earth, Jessie is committed to "sharing the words that Nature wants to have heard."

My children's book, "The Sapling", is an inspiring story from the trees. As a tiny Maple seed becomes a Sapling, she begins to feel small in a big world. She even becomes too afraid to grow! But with the help from her wise friend, the Big Tree, the Sapling overcomes her fears to grow into the tree she is meant to be. Accompanied by vivid illustrations of Nature and simple, profound wisdoms, The Sapling honours the lessons from the trees for the children of Earth. Also accompanying the story are dozens of Nature-based mindfulness and energy exercises, activities, techniques, and tips to promote inner balance, calm, self-confidence and awareness through a deep relationship with Nature. Learn how to communicate with Nature, especially the Trees!


Nature Child Jessie Klassen





What inspiried you to write your book?

Growing up on a farm, I have always lived my life close to Nature, and now that I am raising my own children on this same farm, I have felt my connection with Nature grow deeper. As I have always written, this story was given to me by the Trees to share with the world.


Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

It is important for me to share with other like-hearted souls, and no one embodies this more so than the TreeSisters. Their vision and dedication for Mother Earth is in harmony with my own.


TheSapling Jessica Klassen

The Sapling is available for purchase online, with Amazon and Ingram, and on my website.


The Nature Process Logo300The Nature Process

The Nature Process® is a simple way of deepening your connection to nature by being in the body and experiencing nature through the senses so that you can reduce stress and improve your well-being. The Nature Process now offers a range of online courses via their Facebook page  and trains people to become The Nature Process Facilitators and Coaches.

The Nature Process (2nd Edition) was published in January 2017. For every copy sold, five trees will be planted in Madagascar to help restore the mangrove forests through our partnership with TreeSisters.

You can buy a copy of the book at Amazon:https://www.amazon.co.uk/Nature-Process-2nd-Potential-Well-Being/dp/099569446X




Nicole2017Nicole Schwab
Spread Your Wings

Nicole is author of The Heart of the Labyrinth, the story of a young woman who goes to the Andes in search of her lost connection with Mother Earth. Part spiritual parable, part initiatory adventure, the book invites us into a world that values and honors the sacred feminine and is rooted in our connection to the Earth as a living being. She blogs on the nature of reality on her website



Nicole Schwaub The-Heart-of-the-Labyrinth cover front 72

Nicole is offsetting the CO2 emissions generated in the production of her books by donating a portion of the profits to TreeSisters.


Purchase the book here: http://nicoleschwab.com/books




AnnShannon BookAnn Shannon

Entering the River Naked: Field Notes from the Feminine Wild

Now available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats :"Entering the River Naked: Field Notes from the Feminine Wild." The themes of this 20-year collection of journals, mythic dreams, and poetry resonate with many of the issues we have been exploring in the Inner Journey.

It is a spiritual memoir mapping the wilds of one woman's heart in its relentless pursuit of the sacred. It is ultimately a song of longing and return: Return to the unbridled feminine and to the homeland of the forest. To quote author and poet Alla Renée Bozarth (The Book of Bliss, Life is Goodbye/Life is Hello, The Word's Body and Wisdom and Wonderment): "Entering the River Naked~ Field Notes from the Feminine Wild .... speaks eloquently to one woman's soul journey into her own truth and wholeness, and it blesses Everywoman's process in giving birth to her womanself against all hindrances. A worthy, poetic, honest companion along the way, a pilgrim's guide into the domain of sacred womanliness, this book is a treasure."

Links coming closer to the book launch

Why is writing and sharing this book so important to you?

While journaling about the ecstatic adventures I was having on nightly sojourns through the Sierra Nevada forest in 1994, I began putting the original draft of Entering the River Naked together. I have been whittling it down to essence ever since. Last summer I was able to resolve some structural issues. It now feels ready to publish and I want it to contribute as much as possible to other women's lives.

Why is donating to TreeSisters important to you?

I cannot imagine a more appropriate way for me to honor the magic of my life in the forest than to offer this book (which is the record of its unfolding) back to the Earth itself. I always felt I was being lived through ... my experiences in the forest, the mythic dreams I had, were never just for me. I have always known they carried whispers for other women, too. Entering the River Naked was never mine to begin with. And there are countless, exponential, synergistic increments to be gained through women sharing our life stories with one another. I don't think there is much that is more catalytic in awakening and magnifying the rising feminine when it is so desperately needed. My experience of other TreeSisters' sharing on FB has only confirmed that. And I don't believe there is any more powerful way to give to the Earth than to support the forwarding of TreeSisters' work.

AnnShannon book

 Ann's book is now available on Amazon at:



Kai SiedenburgKai Siedenburg

Our Nature Connection

Poems of Earth and Spirit: 70 Poems and 40 Practices to Deepen Your Connection with Nature Poems of Earth and Spirit is a book of poetry and practices that remind us of our innate connection with all life and inspire us to deepen that connection. The poems invite us to step into the paws, wings, and roots of "other" beings, helping us to see trees, water, and our fellow creatures with new eyes and feel them with a more open heart. And the practices empower us to cultivate a direct and nourishing connection with nature that will support and sustain us wherever we go. For those seeking a deeper bond with nature that nourishes mind, body, and spirit, this book is a gift.


ONC Kai Siedenburg




What inspired you to write this book?

Poems of Earth and Spirit was born of a loving communion with nature, a heartfelt desire to be of service, and a willingness to listen deeply. At a time of great transition in my life, I spent many hours wandering "alone" and sitting quietly in nature, asking how I could be of service and opening to what wanted to come. In this way, I received many precious gifts: experiences of profound peace and unconditional love, a sense of coming home to my true self, a direct communion with something much greater than myself, and a powerful call to invite people into a more mindful and intimate connection with the natural world. I also received a vast body of creative work to support this calling, including hundreds of poems and nature connection practices. Poems of Earth and Spirit is the book the trees, streams, and birds asked me to write. It is infused with love for people and the Earth, and offered up as an act of sacred service and for the benefit of all beings.

Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

I have always believed in "being the change I wish to see in the world" and supporting organizations that do that, so it was only natural that I would want my book to do that too. TreeSisters was a clear choice because our missions and values are so aligned and because I have great respect for their work. I am inspired by TreeSisters' unique and powerful blend of on-the-ground reforestation projects, women's empowerment and leadership, and honoring of the sacred feminine. I love how their approach integrates heart, mind, body, and spirit, and I am honored to support their work.


Kai Siedenburg BookPoems of Earth and Spirit

I will donate a percentage of from sales of Poems of Earth and Spirit to TreeSisters, as well as additional sales.

You may purchase the book here: www.PoemsofEarthandSpirit.com

Visit our Poetry Glade to read one of her poems.


Soumitra SubinayaSoumitra Subinaya

The Feelings of my Heart

I have been since childhood writing for and on: Empathy, Gender Equity, Women Empowerment, Ecocentrism, Tree devotion, Reverence for Gaia, Health and Wellness, Herbalism, Yoga, Comity in community, Building and maintaining community, Peace and Conflict Resolution, Gandhian Thought. In 2018 I published my first book "The Feelings of My Heart" to heal Mother Earth with Empathy and Afforestation. I am doing this by channeling 50 percent of the royalties solely for afforestation through organisations including TreeSisters.


What inspired you to write this book?

Sunshine is vital for life to survive. I realised I could create this much needed sunshine using my craft. Understanding that we all stand at a time when Empathy and Gender Equity are needed to deal with the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution and environmental justice, I decided to write the book. Special thanks to three TreeSisters Terra, Nicole and Clare who held space for me as I navigated the journey of creating this book. They mean 1 billion trees to me,...wait, each one a billion.


Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

In 2017 I came across TreeSisters and wanted to recommend and have been recommending it to women who want to liberate the ravishing and immensely attractive beautiful flowering and radiant Spring in them and also in the process and thereafter heal the Earth by afforestation. Hence for the joy and beauty of Spring and the feminine in the Women who have contributed positively to my life and acting in gratitude to Spring, Women and Gaia by afforestation, I have decided to engage with TreeSisters and so giving to TreeSisters is important to me.


Soumtiras Book The Feelings of My Heart

The book is a paean to the Sacred Feminine, to Her, who is an indomitable, inalienable, indispensable harmonious presence in the hearts of all in Her; the book is an unalloyed unadulterated unequivocal single minded prayer of devotion to Gaia, an ode to Her, from a son born of Her. 

You can purchase your copy here: 

WC Book maryrthompson bio picSQMary Reynolds Thompson
Reclaiming the Wild Soul

Mary is an award-winning writer, eco coach, and facilitator of poetry and journal therapy who teaches and speaks internationally about the transformative power of earth's landscapes. Founder of Live Your Wild Soul Story, Mary is also a TreeSisters instructor and originator of the A Wild Soul Woman course. Her latest book Reclaiming the Wild Soul: How Earth's Landscapes Restore Us to Wholeness (a 2015 Nautilus Award Winner) takes readers on a journey into the great landscapes of deserts, forests, oceans and rivers, mountains, and grasslands as aspects of their deeper, wiser, wilder selves. There, where the inner and outer worlds meet, we discover a path of personal transformation aligned with the healing of the wild Earth.

reclaiming-the-wild-soul Mary Reynolds ThompsonWhen you purchase a copy of Reclaiming the Wild Soul through the White Cloud Press you'll find a coupon. Enter TREESISTERS (all CAPS) and $1 of every book you buy will be donated to TreeSisters. To purchase your copy and to donate to TreeSisters go to: www.whitecloudpress.com

To those living outside of the US, the book is available on Amazon.





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