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At TreeSisters, we offer a variety of events to nourish your soul and support you in stepping into feminine nature based leadership. By listening to our feminine nature as part of nature, we can discover our innate wisdom and intelligence, as well as creative solutions to life's challenges. We can feel for our edges and say yes to life whole-heartedly through deepening curiosity, like roots growing deep into the soil. And like a tree that never stops growing, we can expand beyond what we ever imagined, and reach out to our branches to other treesisters, feeling just how much we belong to ourselves, each other, and the earth.

Recent Recordings

leafy-squareFeminine Leadership in Philanthropy Online event

Each day in the TreeSisters team we ask ourselves, "What is authentic feminine leadership?" At this critical time when our environment is being so challenged by political unrest, we're passionately exploring the leading edge of our feminine leadership and how it's changing our relationship with the planet.

In this recent event, we explored these questions; "What is nature-based feminine philanthropy? How are we each living and breathing it? And how can our giving enhance our connection with the natural world we love?"

Join our Founder Clare Dubois, CEO Amrita Khalsa, Communications Director Sophie Jane Mortimer, and Philanthropy Advisor Alyssa Wright for this recorded video event.

By participating in this event, you will:

  1. Explore current trends in feminine philanthropy in the world today

  2. Discover how the act of giving changes our relationship to ourselves, to money, to each other and our planet

  3. Enjoy an experiential journey to discover what feminine nature-inspired philanthropy can look like in your life

  4. Awaken the powerful, unique role you have to play in these tumultuous times, in gifting your time, talent and treasures for the benefit of our beautiful planet.


Here are some of the offerings from those who were live with us in the circle:

~ "What I saw and felt was like finding a secret opening to a vast realm of possibility that has been hidden for a very long time."

~ "In giving to that which we deeply care about, we expand. We connect. We love."

~ "We are all philanthropists - our generosity becomes a portal to a sense of belonging."

We hope you will join us for this powerful event!



Upcoming TreeSisters Event

Image credit (below): Flora Aube

489cd3c1b55da7db1ad50398a76692a2Summer Seasonal Retreat for All Donors

Tuesday August 1st

We are so excited to let you know what we have been doing since 1st May. At TreeSisters we follow a seasonal and lunar calendar and in the Summer we truly see our work blossom.

Reaching out to you all in deepest gratitude as we do this together, our sisterhood brings great strength and resourcefulness. TreeSisters is becoming a global forest floor of women, stepping in and bringing their gifts to reforest the planet. In 2017 you will be planting over 1 million trees per year! This is such an amazing achievement in such a short space of time.

We are celebrating and extending our gratitude and thanks that we are becoming a global sisterhood of women, (supported by many men), who are making the move towards becoming a Restorer Species

Please watch for your invitation in the mail on July 31st. Thank you!

Interview with Clare Dubois: Encounters with Belonging Series

Clare is thrilled to be featured in Encounters: a 7-week series of intimate conversations with Toko-pa Turner, devoted to deep inquiry on the topic of Belonging. The interview will pursue the questions too rarely spoken about in the open, like what is belonging, and why do so few of us feel it in our lives? How did we come to be so alienated and estranged? And how do we repair the bridge back to a meaningful life of connectedness and purpose?

You can find out more and register for free here: http://wp.me/P1icYL-13j


Upcoming Full Moon Retreat

At full moon Clare offers a deep relaxation, healing and experiential journey into our nature as nature itself. These calls are free and open to everyone, and we send out information about how to join via email each month. All you need to do is register.



September 6th

In the northern hemisphere, we're starting the softening into Autumn, as the fullness of summer gives way to the relaxation of the drop towards darkness and rest.

In the southern hemisphere there is a softening as the warmth returns and spring brings it's unfurling towards fullness once more. For all of us this is a time of transition, and a time that we can embody more consciously if we can soften our bodies to allow for the changes to be felt and integrated.

This call is a deep drop into whole body mind relaxation and allowing of what is, to be felt fully and integrated. This is nurture, presence, stillness and a bowing down to the wisdom of your system, as part of the living system of nature that carries and breathes us.



Upcoming New Moon Retreat

At new moon, Edveeje Fairchild offers a nature-based feminine journey designed to seed possibility and call forth our souls and our deepest longings as women. The current series is called Your Inner Wise Women Council, which you can learn about here.

These are offered free exclusively to our monthly members. You will receive email reminders prior to each call. There is also a Private Facebook Group you can join for additional teachings and connection with other members ~ please go here to join.

Image credit (below): Elisabetta Trevisan


Elisabetta Trevisan 4New Moon Retreat ~ Becoming the Holy Grail

Thursday September 15th at 11AM PST/ 2PM EST/ 7PM UK

During this year-long journey into the heart of your Inner Wise Women Council, you have accessed the wisdom of your womb and followed the summons of your soul into greater emotional alignment, joy, and passionate purpose. You have connected your inner nature (your womb) to outer Nature (the seasons, lunar phases, earthscapes, and tides).

In the process you have become the Holy Grail. Now it is time to fill you to overflowing during a two-hour on-line retreat.

Having learned to follow the wisdom of our wombs, we are now ready to play our part in the cosmic womb's rebirthing of the Feminine Principle in our modern world.



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